Modern Turn it up! Man on the moon. Exciting?


Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
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Just watching various tv shows. Wasnt it exciting?

Pessimistic was maybe 10 in a northern english village.

I dont know where they got the TV from but we watched it for hours and the picture was only slightly better than a tv with no aerial.

So to all you xs ys and zs dont believe the hype. it was as boring as bats**t an afternoon I hve ever spent. I think I zoned out when armstrong uttered his famous words

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Feb 14, 2002
South-West Gippsland
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Lexton, Northcote Park
My most abiding memory is walking home from the railway station on the night of the temporary human tenancy. As usual, being the fit lad I then was, I was first out of the station, and started walking down the road leading to my joint. As I walked, I happened to look upwards and saw the moon. I realised that for the first time ever, a couple of 'my mob' were up there, though I couldn't quite make out their features:). I returned my gaze to the direction in which I was walking. I then thought to look behind me. As had I, all of the fifty or so people following me, were transfixed by what I had been watching. I can only assume they were thinking much the same as I had.

So, the experience of the moon landings which most affected me involved no technology at all. Later on, I saw all of the live and recorded footage on TV, as you do. Admittedly, in retrospect, the quality of the pics wasn't great, but it was immeasurably better than any previous on site renderings of the planet I'd seen i.e. none at all.

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