Podcast TwoCrowsS03Ep24 BIG DRAFT WRAP aka Crows finally land a big FISCH....ER!

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Club Legend
Sep 1, 2014
With more wraps than a Christmas present, Ali and Ant dissect, analyse, hypothesise and generally get a little bit excited over the Crows 2019 Draft Haul.

* The BIG FISCH! We analyse every exciting draft pick and give you the lowdown
* We Draft - Contested Beasts, Tackling Machines, Speed, Leaders and Versatility
* Haggis specials and Top Secret Projects?
* Ali finally gets her "Piggies in the middle" and is pumped
* Heath Younie you "STAR
* Crows Pre season standouts and who could debut in the tricolours in 2020?
* Thank you listeners for our best year EVER!

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