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Sep 29, 2006
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Hey everyone,

Long story short, I'm a stats nerd, a maths nerd and an U18 nerd. Combine all those, and you get this:

Basically, this is something called a Shiny App, which is something that is easily created in R (the popular stats research language). It is really easy to use and you're all welcome to play around with it.

The user can play around with the options on the left hand side of the window. In order, these are the options:
  1. Stat - Choose a stat from a long list. Default is Average Dreamteam
  2. Number of Players - This determines how many players will populate in the window. By default this value is 10.
  3. Minimum Number of Games - This is a filtering option for a certain number of games played. By default this keeps all players who have played at least 1 game.
  4. Player Age Filter - Option to select Underage players only, Draft Eligible players only, Overage players only or all.
  5. Team - Option to filter for a specific team.
  6. Height Band - An option to filter for a specific height range. Ranges are: Less than 170cm, 170-179cm, 180-189cm, 190-199cm, 200+cm.
  7. Weight Band - An option to filter for a specific weight range. Ranges are: Less than 70kg, 70-75kg, 76-85kg, 86-95kg, 96+kg.

I hope you all enjoy playing around.

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