1. OhhhhhCyril

    Discussion The BF Unofficial league thread.

    That’s right folks, it’s that time of the season, and I thought while we have a thread for an official BF listing, this is the place to advertise your own. Once again I’ll be running the Campaigners Cup. Rules: Entry is a 6 pack of beer (in good faith) and prizes will be distributed to...
  2. n1ck

    News Media Phantom Drafts & Rankings 2019

    Looks like there's some definite elite top-level talent in this year's draft pool. And another elite midfielder (likened to Patrick Cripps) in the GWS academy... From Cal Twomey, afl.com.au "THIS year's NAB AFL Draft pool is dividing opinion. There is genuine top-end talent, but probably not...
  3. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 5 - SA vs Allies

    Wednesday July 3, 1640 @ Marvel Stadium Also live on FoxFooty. Both teams will be looking to finish strong, even if they can't win the Champs.
  4. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 5 - Vic Country vs WA

    Wednesday July 3, 1410 @ Marvel Stadium Live on FoxFooty. Winner of this game takes home the title.
  5. Chris25

    U18 Champs 2019 U18 Championships Review and All Australian

    Finn Maginness will make the AA team. The Metro MVP is a three horse race between him, McAsey and Rowell. Plus there needs to be someone tied to a Victorian club in there.
  6. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 4 - Vic Country vs SA

    Friday June 28, 1300 @ GMHBA Stadium Vic Country b: Brady Rowles - Sam DeKoning - Jesse Clark hb: Lachlan Ash - Brock Smith - Hayden Young c: Lachlan Williams - Brodie Kemp - Ryan Sparkes hf: Ned Cahill - Elijah Hollands - Cody Weightman f: Riley Baldi - Josh Smith - Fraser Phillips r: Charlie...
  7. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 4 - Vic Metro vs Allies

    Friday June 28, 1030 @ GMHBA Stadium Vic Metro b: Louis Butler - Brodie Newman - Ryan Sturgess hb: Lachlan Potter - Fischer McAsey - Trent Bianco c: Noah Anderson - Finn Maginness - Miles Bergman hf: Joshua Worrell - Jamieson Rossiter - Lachlan Stapleton f: Jack Mahony - Emerson Jeka - Dylan...
  8. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 3 - SA vs Vic Metro

    Saturday June 22, 1250 at Alberton Oval SA b: Oliver Grivell - Karl Finlay - Jordan O'Brien hb: Will Gould - Dyson Hilder - Luke Edwards c: Dylan Stephens - Jackson Mead - Joshua Shute hf: Brady Searle - Jamie Coff - Harry Schoenberg f: Kysaiah Pickett - Daniel Sladojevic - Josh Morris r...
  9. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 3 - Allies vs WA

    Saturday June 22, 1030 @ Alberton Oval WA b: Ben Johnson - Jake Pasini - Jaxon Prior hb: Trent Rivers - Trey Ruscoe - Denver Grainger-Barras c: Regan Clarke - Deven Robertson - Jeremy Sharp hf: Jai Jackson - Elijah Taylor - Tyrone Thone f: Liam Henry - Reuben McGuire - Logan McDonald r: Luke...
  10. LemmingMaster

    Draft Watcher LemmingMasters 2019 BigBoard

    Welcome to the 2019 edition of the LemmingMasters guide to the 2019 draft. If you want some indepth knowledge with regards to random players, you're better off asking in the Slice of Pie or Knightmare phantom draft boards. They watch a lot more junior football than myself. I go to a few live...
  11. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 2 - WA vs SA

    Just the one game this week, but it's the pick of the bunch. Saturday June 15, 11am at Optus Stadium. Curtain raiser for the Fremantle/Port Adelaide game, so I'd recommend Fremantle fans get down there early to check it out. Doesn't look like there's a TV broadcast, so YouTube will be the best...
  12. eDPS

    Under Age AFL U16 Championships

    Post teams, thoughts, results here for the U16 championships
  13. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 1 - Allies vs Vic Country

    Sunday June 9, 12.30 at UTAS Stadium. Again, doesn't appear to be a broadcast of the game. Allies b: Tom Griffiths - Nick Murray - Luke Parks hb: Connor Budarick - Josh Rayner - Braeden Campbell c: Matt McGrory - Will Martyn - Mitch O'Neill hf: Oliver Davis - Liam Delahunty - Bruce Reville f...
  14. Chris25

    U18 Champs Round 1 - WA vs Vic Metro

    WA kick off their Championships this Saturday - June 8, 10am at Lathlain Park. Doesn't look like it'll be broadcast, at least not on Foxtel. WA b: Ben Johnson - Alex Pasini - Jaxon Prior hb: Jarvis Pina - Trey Ruscoe - Trent Rivers c: Jeremy Sharp - Deven Robertson - Regan Clarke hf: Tyrone...
  15. eth-dog

    Mature Age 2019 Mature Aged Prospects

    So now that the mid season draft is done, we look to the end of season for our mature agers. The main prospects from the VFL for me are: Mitch Hibberd (Williamstwon): Leading the Liston Trophy for me right now, has had an excellent year playing as an inside midfielder. Reuben William...
  16. RedmanWasHere

    Under Age U15 Player Lists

    This year will see the final running of the AF U15 batch of games with next year seeing the renaming of U15 to U14 but the U12's will continue. The bulk of these kids were born in 2004. Here is Victoria's squad for 2019: Corbin Anderson, St Joseph’s College, Echuca Will Ashcroft, Brighton...
  17. Lore

    Prediction 2019 Rising Star Award - Congratulations Sam Walsh!

    Who do you think will win it? Who else should be nominated? 2019 Nominees: R1 Bailey Scott (North Melbourne) R2 Charlie Constable (Geelong) R3 Connor Rozee (Port Adelaide) R4 Sam Walsh (Carlton) R5 Jack Petruccelle (West Coast) R6 Xavier Duursma (Port Adelaide) R7 Cameron Zurhaar (North...
  18. Strahany

    Opinion Priority Picks - Early Retirement

    With the AFL gaining greater insight into the issues surrounding concussion, would you expect to see any form of compensation for teams that have players retire early due to concussion (or other injuries)? I can see the AFL having some sort of system in place for concussions, so as to give the...
  19. captain cotch 9

    Opinion Is it time for a draft lottery?

    Yes I know its an American idea but the results yesterdays NBA lottery resulted in should encourage the AFL to introduce a lottery. The New Orleans Pelicans who only had a 6% chance of getting the #1 pick ended up with it. 3 teams that blatantly tanked all year ended up with the 3rd (Knicks) 5th...

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