MMA-UFC UFC 280 Oliveira v Makhachev

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Was just about to say this. O'Malley using the reach very well, Yan threw a couple of big shots but got nowhere near him. Interesting first round, I'm not sure how to score it. Yan didn't do much with the takedown so I don't usually score that, maybe O'Malley.
Very hard to score but Sean just for me.

Yan seems to have the read of him now though, and O'Malley is tiring. Even if it's 1-1 going into the third you'd have to heavily favour Petr.

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Awesome fight. O'Malley is the real deal, and plenty of improvement to come.

Yan is just a beast. The size difference here, against a very good striker, was a big hill to climb but he found a way.

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And Yan doesn't just control, he throws and he lands. O'Malley knew he didn't win that. Oh well, at least it was a great fight.

Crazy that Sean likely gets a title shot before Chito.
Yeah. At the end of the fight Yan acted like he won and Sean acted like he lost.

That has a possibility of an overturn if it gets raised.
Missed that fight, will get a replay but robbery everywhere i look? UFC wont mind that though
It wasn't as bad as you'll be reading, but really, it is a huge reach to give O'Malley the third. The first sure, with Yan 100% taking the second.

And yeah, the UFC won't be upset about that result.

Edit: Seeing many have Sean taking the third but not the first. Honestly, judging is a tough gig.
If that was a fight in the standing room of the Shane Warne stand, O’Malley won, but rules of MMA Yan won
Anyway, title fights time.

I think TJ is a really bad matchup for Aljo, but I also think he's well past his prime and Sterling is on top of the world right now. How Sterling gets it done will be intriguing.
Missed that fight, will get a replay but robbery everywhere i look? UFC wont mind that though

'UFC won't mind'?

You know as well as I do Tomato will be organising a new extension for those judges' houses by c.o.b. Friday.

TJ getting a bit of leeway. Least he's justified it getting up though. Can't see it lasting long in the 2nd. Edit: Didn't know about shoulder dislocation.

Jones really set the tone for the modern fighter didn't he. Rangey guys like Izzy, OMalley Sterling really having a lot of success.

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