MMA-UFC UFC 284 - Makhachev v Volkanovski

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Dan Hooker's birthday is February 13.

UFC 284 was Feb 12 (in Australia).

Rumours on r/mma is that Hooker did a stream on IG where he was clearly inebriated.

You do the math 🤓
Fighters all over the world drink, they don't go on Twitter making those accusations. Not sure how that's a smoking gun

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To be honest I'm assuming nearly all guys in the UFC are on something or other, I have no way of knowing either way of course.
Its really part of their jobs to be finding some edge, its on their team and them to make sure its legal but they should all be pushing the envelope.

If Islam did it and gets busted i assume its an NC fight and Volk v Someone for the vacant title?
I mean, IV drips can be used to hide PED use as well.

Bobby was on to something

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Yeah I figured those Thai training camps had a bit going on, the availability of the stuff over there and I wonder how it works with USADA as well?
Going by that logic, we can assume the same for anyone who trains in Mexico then?
So is the UFC naming Volk still the Number 1 P4P fighter an admission they think the result was dodgy?

Edit: SNAP ^^

Technically the PFP rankings are supposed to be done by an "independent" media panel, so technically the UFC isn't involved.

(Even though they're clearly manipulated to help the UFC's marketing)
I'm wondering if the UFC wanted Volk ranked 1 still to try and push for the rematch. Now Islam can't claim he's number 1.

Hope so, none of the top 5 give Islam a fight as tough as Volk did.
Well Zhang weili, Jiri, Izzy and about 200 other fighters who train in Thailand are ****ed aswell then apparently
You've picked three interesting examples. Jiri is the most tested fighter in the UFC, Izzy has horrendous gyno and Weili is built like a brick shithouse.

I'm in the "they're all on something" group, and to some extent, I don't really care. If absolutely everything was able to be completely stamped out then great, let's do that. But there are so many loopholes and ways to get even the most minor of advantages, and no one wants to fall behind.

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