Weitering on Toby Greene, is he in trouble?

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Didnt the Lions player somehow get off for eye gouging Clayton Oliver?

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no good reason for his hand to be anywhere near that area

2 weeks
He was dragging the thug off his teammate. Who had his arm locked around his neck.

Nothing in it. If anything Greene needs a week off.
There is no reason for his hand to be anywhere near his eyes like that.
It was for a second while protecting his team mate. Unintentional but everyone will gaslight in favour of Greene.
Not sure there's enough force to warrant suspension.

Interesting comments by Greene after the match. He's clearly annoyed with a couple of recent suspensions.

Where is Greene's left arm? For the whole time?


Doing that, then pretending he was then innocent party.

Greene's a clever psycho. Not much he won't do chasing an advantage.

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