Opinion What the midfield is lacking

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The Plowking

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Feb 21, 2016
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As much I admire what Wills has shown to date, I find it bizarre that people argue that our saviour is a lad who has only played 6 games of senior footy. (Or 12 games of senior footy in Sier’s case)

It seems that every player who is not selected can become the panacea to our problems.
I don't think anyone is claiming that he's se kind of saviour.
But he is a very inside clearance mid.
And that is most definitely what we have lacked.

A stop gap until Sier hopefully


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Jun 23, 2014
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I still worry about his tank. The Doggies game is the only game where he's significantly exceeded 80%TOG which says to me he's already heavily rotated. How does additional midfield time impact that?
yeah i can see where you are coming from. depending on the run of play as a forward you can still run up the miles eg) Cloke and riewolt as examples back in the day. and given apparently 50% of the time his in the middle we get the clearance then he can just get the clearance and stay in the centre for the next centre bounce so it may be less running haha :)


Oct 11, 2007
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Can go *&@% themselves!
When can Wilson play for us? I read an article which implied he could play tomorrow if needed. Is that right? There IS a type of player we're lacking, & its a big strong mid/back/forward/ruck, (but mostly mid) who can help lift our clearances. When we're winning the clearances (esp centre bounces) we're bloody unstoppable. We're pretty good at it, but if we can lift it a tad more we'd go undefeated. We now have 3 such blokes in Sier, Wills, & now Tom Wilson. (I love it when we get guys who were lifelong Pies fans!).
Contrary to what someone said above, I don't see any of the guys in the Magoos as a panacea, simply because we don't NEED a panacea! We are easily the best there is, & guys like Tyler Brown, Izzy, & Daics are going to KEEP us no.1 for a long time to come. I love that were allowing these guys to develop, but once in a while guys in the 3-4 year range need a run in the ones every so often (& when form demands it) to keep them interested. And while I thought Reid was a mistake last week, he proved me wrong - despite his wonky kicking - and gave a spark to the guys in the Magoos, as I hope Willsy will do this week. Its hard to deny his form, averaging 30 touches in the last 4, and he has big talent, including a monster left boot (remember the goal from half back in the wet 2 years ago?).
The only things we need to win every game this year, are a few more stoppage wins, and straighter kicking, a long time problem for us. We could/should have been 10.3 at quarter time last week. Game over. aint no one coming back from 60 down.
As for DeGoey, I love how he's been used lately. moving between mid & forward, (frankly I think that's a Longmuir move, but thats just me). Of course we should flog Carlton by 20 goals, but we won't. We never do. Plus they're trying to recover from an embarrassing drubbing by the bottom side, so I DO expect them to come out hard. They have a few better players this year, & I do hope Bucks tries Greenwood on Cripps for a while at least. The better he plays the better they do. Walsh is clearly a very good player, but not affecting outcomes much. Last week their best player to 3/4 time was one D.Thomas, who is playing his best footy since he was dumped. I still love watching Daisy, he was my favourite player for years, but lately there's no one I'd rather watch than Darcy Moore. What a player he is going to be! Remember he's only 23 with just 60 games in him! DeGoey is the same age & a fair way from his ton. But then Stevo is only 20 & has just 30 odd games,
Frankly, I'm loving being a Collingwood nut at the moment. We're great to watch! & though I don't reccomend it, I've bet on us to win the next 4 flags. Well no one else has done it!
(sorry bout the novel :) )


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Jul 21, 2008
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Rupert wills
Our midfield is in desperate need of a bullocking midfielder, who runs both ways and doesn't stop tackling, theirs plenty of talent with the likes of pendles trelor sidebottom and beams, I just feel with a guy like wills in there these guys would just flourish with some real grunt around them
A sumo wrestler might do just as well in the clinches. I hope Wills has more to offer than merely adding grunt to the clearances. Still if he somewhat nullifies Crusp he will have done his job.


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Sep 18, 2009
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A sumo wrestler might do just as well in the clinches. I hope Wills has more to offer than merely adding grunt to the clearances. Still if he somewhat nullifies Crusp he will have done his job.
I could stand to see him kick a goal or two from half back lol.
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