Umpiring Whats with umpires not knowing or forgetting the rules of the game?

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Umpires are very good at forgetting the rules when Richmond play.
Swallowed pips galore.
And frees made to the letter of the law for the Oppo even with a new coach and gameplan.
Also Dimma who could not buy a free at Tiger land,getting frees galore at the Suns.
8 years now but it's been longer than that.
Certain parts of the media,Grant Thomas,Wayne Carey,Tony Shaw and Mark Allen are now realising the BS we cop and making it known on media.
They are (and have been pretty much since 2017) also equally good at forgetting kicking in danger when one of your mids kicks the ball off the deck directly between someone's hands...

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There was one with stengle too.
But not just that game. All teams are doing it. They very slowly "clear" the area while saying they're following an opponent. But turn on a dime and tackle/impede the kicktaker.

I've said for a while it needs to be like offside in the rugby codes. Stand where you want, but until you're onside you can't make a play at the ball or ball carrier
I like this
I should look this up myself, but isn't it a 50m penalty if: when a free kick is paid, the player who should be standing the mark runs off and is replaced by another player who comes from behind the play?

Also an 'interesting' one in the Bris/Geel game - Neale clearly throws the ball, one handed. Umpire, in the TV foreground, sees it and puts whistle to mouth, then...forgets about it?? Another case of deliberately ignoring free kicks to keep the game moving.

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