Who do they barrack for?

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Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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Surprised there isn't a thread on this (that I could find - feel free to merge if so).

Who do football journalists / media figures support?

I'm of the belief that basically nobody is unbiased when it comes to footy, so I think it's pretty interesting info. Happy to start a list if there isn't one.

Most ex players are pretty obvious, but otherwise...

Mark Allan - Collingwood
Jon Anderson - Geelong
Paul Amy - Bulldogs
Damian Barrett - North Melbourne
Greg Baum - Collingwood
Martin Blake - St Kilda
James Brayshaw - North Melbourne
Ash Browne - Hawthorn
Tom Browne - Collingwood
Ash Chua - North Melbourne
Jay Clark - ???
Rohan Connolly - Essendon
Greg Denham - West Coast
Barry Denner - Essendon
Jackie Epstein - Collingwood
Bruce Eva - St Kilda
Mark Fine - St Kilda
Michael Gleeson - Collingwood
Tim Gossage - St Kilda
Scott Gullan - Bulldogs
Richard Hinds - Collingwood
Tegan Higginbotham - Carlton
Mark Howard - Hawthorn
Anthony Hudson - Geelong
Craig Hutchison - Geelong
Dave Hughes - Carlton
Tony Jones - Collingwood
Josh Kay - Essendon
Sam Landsberger - Bulldogs
Sam Lane - Carlton
Tim Lane - Carlton
Francis Leach - St Kilda
Tony Leonard - Bulldogs
Dan Lonergan - Bulldogs
Rebecca Maddern - Geelong
Andy Maher - Carlton
Neroli Meadows - Fremantle
Bruce McAvaney - ???
Sam McClure - Carlton
Glenn McFarlane - Collingwood
Eddie McGuire - Collingwood
Hamish McLaughlan - ???
Adam McNicol - Richmond
Mick Molloy - Richmond
Jake Niall - Collingwood
Sam Pang - Carlton
Jon Pierik - Carlton
Jon Ralph - Richmond
Sandy Roberts - St Kilda
Mark Robinson - Essendon
Michaelangelo Rucci - Port Adelaide
Mike Sheahan - Melbourne
Patrick Smith - Richmond (formerly Essendon)
Mark Stevens - Bulldogs
Darryl Timms - Hawthorn
Mick Warner - Richmond
Gerard Whateley - Geelong
Caroline Wilson - Richmond
Basil Zempilas - Fremantle
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Jun 16, 2017
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Sandy Roberts Saints

You've missed Eddie but that's obvious I guess

Apparently Jon Anderson Geelong but can't verify

Jake Niall Collingwood and Emma Quayle Essendon
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Sep 3, 2012
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Not surprised to learn that Sandy supports St. Kilda. I've noticed that he gets pretty excited calling their games and he has a liking for Jack Steven


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Jun 7, 2016
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Aug 23, 2010
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Exers, Gryffindor, Richmond AFLW
One time Footy Show staple Trevor Marmalade - Norf.
Sam Pang - Carlton.
Before she went to GWS, Emma Quayle supported Essendon.
Channel 7 stats guy Josh Kay goes for Essendon.

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