Opinion Who Do We Want As Our Next Coach

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Craig Bellamy
Yes. We have the skills already, just can't tackle a wet paper bag.

Far better to leg a guy in the midfield, concede the free kick and flood back. We are dumb footballers.
1. Jaymie Graham
2. Stewart Edge
3. Troy Chaplin
4. Jordan Russell

Jaymie Graham was one who was discussed as the next head coach in waiting two years ago when Freo almost finished top 4, went quiet a bit last year with their slide but he has done a nice apprenticeship now and could be a good option. May be hanging out for the Eagles job though if they don't commit to Simpson.

Ash Hansen gets spoken about really well and has had a couple of decent stints now at a few clubs, the board would be familiar with his work also and should get an early buy in from players.

Hayden Skipworth has had a long apprenticeship at Essendon and Collingwood, here's a write up on him from a previous AFL article: "Another assistant who been very deliberate in building the strengths required to be a senior coach, Skipworth is now ready for the role after declining previous opportunities to go through application processes. Over close to a decade at Essendon, the 40-year-old was developed specifically to prepare himself for senior coaching, taking charge of the AFL program when John Worsfold was away and helping build Essendon's standalone VFL team, which he coached for four years. Has experience on every line, moving to Collingwood in 2020 as the head of academy before effectively turning his attention to re-shaping the Magpies' ball movement in 2022 and stoppage performances in 2023, improving both areas. A long and diverse apprenticeship has included leadership courses at Harvard and Columbia Universities, and development opportunities with NBA and English Premier League clubs."

Chris Newman current assistant at Hawthorn, here's a write up on him from last year : "The former Richmond captain is in his eighth season with Hawthorn after joining the club as a development coach ahead of the 2016 season. Viewed as a senior coach of the future who is ready for opportunities, Newman was VFL coach of the year in 2017 before leading Box Hill to the premiership in 2018. Appointed as backline coach in 2019, he was entrusted with the forward line this season, given it was a particular area of focus for the Hawks, with added responsibilities in ball movement. The 41-year-old has become a respected and trusted figure at Hawthorn, with strong relationships across all areas of the club"

My personal ranking would be Hansen, Skipworth, Graham, Newman.

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No to Buckley, Leppisch, or any other recycled failed coach.

Matt Boyd is spoken of well at Freo. Gia seems to be doing well at Essington.

I think Bevo stays to the end of the year and we will see how the season panned out.
He may walk if we miss the eight which looks likely.

1. Carr - unlikely but would try
2. Mcqualter - thought he did a very good job at Richmond as interim.
3. Leppisch - might bring the defensive edge we need
4-6. Cox/Gia/King - slight concerns over rucks who become coaches not a great record, slight concerns over getting guys who have been here previously.
Anyone hoping for Leppisch can probably forget about it because it's been said he doesn't want to be a head coach again.
Buckley as caretaker for rest of season, starting at 7:00 pm tonight.
And I don’t know who of the promising assistants out there. But one who is articulate and has the ability to cope with the inevitable pressure.
Not seeing a Cox Plate field here ☹️
The only horse coaching an AFL team coaches the swans if he wants to move the dogs I would take him in heartbeat but cannot see that happening. There is a Cox who may be available from the same club.
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Do you know anything about Cox's want to be a head coach?
It’s been spoken about in the media before that he’s in a similar situation to Carr at Port, with a succession plan for him to take over in 2026. Not sure if Sydney have ever confirmed that though

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