Prediction Who will debut in 2021?

Who will debut in 2020?

  • Jack Carroll

    Votes: 32 58.2%
  • Corey Durdin

    Votes: 47 85.5%
  • Brodie Kemp

    Votes: 26 47.3%
  • Luke Parks

    Votes: 14 25.5%
  • Sam Ramsay

    Votes: 13 23.6%

  • Total voters

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All Australian
Nov 3, 2020
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Baghdad Bombers, Melbourne United
Still surprised no clubs picked him up.....really hope he's our rookie selection KPD depth be damned (send Casboult back if need be)
Just as a hypothetical... One of Jones/Weiters is injured, we put Levi in defence, but by coincidence McKay is also injured. All of a sudden, our 3 key forwards are McGovern, Kennedy and JSOS. By no means is this a bad set up, simply not as tall or athletic compared to a proper finals side's forward line.

I'll give another hypothetical scenario, one which was actually quite real for us back in late 2019. Rd 17 Weiters broke his nose, just a few weeks later Jones fractured his voice box. While Levi was able to cover, imagine if those two injuries occurred simultaneously.

My point is, our KPP stocks at both ends of the ground are weak. I'd rather take OMac as reassurance, and sign Maher with our reserves. Pick him up in the mid-season draft if a LTI spot opens up. If not (which I would actually prefer), pick him up next off-season if he plays well in the VFL.


Club Legend
Oct 24, 2009
The Netherrealm
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I would prefer to see BK get the cotton wool treatment and simply get fit. It's a huge step from last playing footy as a 16/17 year old over two years ago, to playing against AFL pros. I think people on this forum expect far too much from him. For mine, if he can get a handful + of games in the VFL and get some consistency, that's a good year from him.
Will win the Brownlow this year, take it to the bank.

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