X-Men 97

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" your dads " Inferno

Dad (aka my) Inferno was the culmination of a long arc in the comic books though.

I didn't really rate the Inferno/Goblin Queen part of it very highly.

But it was the 'Who is Maddy Pryor' storyline leading up to it that I enjoyed. Scott meeting a Jean lookalike while Jean was thought to be dead. Then Scott leaving Madelyne to get back with the re-awakened (and non-Phoenix) Jean in X-Factor and all that lasting for some years.

The toon - perhaps rightly - did away with all that though.

Incidentally, Pryor was named after a real person - Madelaine (Maddy) Prior - the lead singer of English folk/pop act Steeleye Span, best known for the hit 'All Around My Hat'. Claremont was obviously a fan - he had earlier named another character in an Avengers comic 'Maddy Pryor').

Anyway - enough trivia lol - looking forward to the next episode.

Also looking forward to some YouTube reactors after the episode drops. It's fun to watch a new ep and then check out YT to see the reactions of others - ReelRejects probably my favourite atm.
Dad (aka my) Inferno was the culmination of a long arc in the comic books though.
Yeah, which makes it weirder they went the way they did imo.

Not sure how many current viewers watched the OG series but newbies would've been like " the **** is this clone stuff ?? "

Anyhoo, done now

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As long as you put your faith in...
Captain America Lol GIF by mtv

Kind of jarring really, not going to lie. "hello Gabe"
The 90s eps were at least (mostly) standalone so a young rugrat could understand what was going on while stuffing his gob with Weetbix and then heading to school.

They are cramming too much into each episode now for no clear reason and it's not a good idea imo. K.I.S.S.

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