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Mar 30, 2013
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North Melbourne
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Boston Celtics, Melbourne City
2010- failed a TAFE course lol
2011- Went to Bali with highschool friends
2012- In a toxic relationship with a girl that lasted longer than it should off- in all honesty, we stayed together purely for sex
2013- Went overseas after a break up with a girl
2014- Went back overseas with family- then finding out ex-girlfriend was pregnant with someone-eles child.
2015- Met current girlfriend (still seeing each other now- very much in love)
2016- Attended my first grand final
2017- Went overseas with current girlfriend after being diagnosed with depression- quit job to do so.
2018- Started studying again
2019- Brought my first property and completed my studies


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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
Well he was hiding from us the eviction notice obviously, and was trying to get the cash. The night before the owner turned up on our door he got drunk(with money we had leant him) and tried to rob a taxi, who proceeded to fight with him and eventually ran over his thigh, breaking his leg and needing skin grafts from his ass as he had, along with his broken leg, tyre imprints on his thigh.

Eventually the owner didn't hold me and the other mate responsible but took broken leg mate to court who did eventually pay the money. Last I heard of him, around 2014 was he was living in Lismore and had a kid with a woman he picked up when selling stuff over the phone.
Funny little coincidence - I first heard of the dice man in Lismore and lived in a house there where something very similar happened. In the 90s tho.

How's this - these Lismore guys I knew had read the dice man in their Sydney household while of those useless junkie bludgers we've all seen and had to deal with spent the time on their couch using their stuff and being a general pita.

So they all chucked in and brought him enough booze to pass out and a train ticket. Then rolled the dice and as a result sent him to Brisbane.

He woke up on the train in Brisneyland wondering wtf happened, worked out where he was and started hitching back to Sydney. At one point at night he crawled into the bush and fell asleep.

Woke up in a mostly mature mull crop, walked into the nearest town, shoplifted a bag of garbage bags, pinched the weed and rocked up back at the house saying "sorry guys have this as payback for my shit behaviour".

Dice man stories...

(I had just turned 40 and had no kids at the start of 2010. Now I've got three.

That's a change.

Also Can't believe we had Brad Scott coaching for nearly the whole decade.

Swings and roundabouts I guess.)

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Aug 18, 2006
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Biggest one was meeting my partner and becoming a step-dad (5 years now). Didnt think i wanted a family but love it now. Would prefer my own family in hindsight so i dont have to deal with all the constant shit that comes along with a broken family.


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Jan 18, 2009
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Chelsea, Sturt
Graduated from high school
Started Uni
Travelled overseas for the first time (have done 6 times in total now, 7 if you include Tasmania ;))
Graduated from Uni
First time experiencing the death of relatives
Pet dog died
Got a full time job
Gained new friendships without losing any close ones (although a few have moved abroad so contact is less)

Very much an up and down decade.


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Jul 13, 2015
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First grand final since the 80s
Got divorced
First trip overseas since the 90s
Learned to scuba dive
Became a devilishly good looking man whore
Realised thats not for me and now breed hamsters

The last 2 may not be true. I really didnt do much.


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Jun 14, 2012
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started my career
met my partner
built a house
went overseas a bunch
got my dog
paid off my house

wanted to move somewhere else but didnt happen/hopefully next year or so

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