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  • Cheers mate....Yep, looking forward to it too....Should be a ripper....Though it's a shame Chappy is gone....My favourite Cats player by a street! ...Always knew how to tear us a new one, So maybe I'm not so disappointed!
    its not so much a shame he has gone, more a shame that he has gone to essendon (or another club, really).

    going to be hard to see such a loyal and dedicated player in another clubs colours, although GAJ is starting to look at home (to me, at least) in the GCS jumper.
    Hi Barmy....Yeah Like your Post there....But you've got to realise that a lot of us Hawk Supporters are just letting off steam now that the Kennett Curse (Complete with its 7 less than a kick in it results) has finally lifted....Can't for the life of me understand why so many Cats fans are taking the Bait!...It's just 5 years of frustration being let off is all....Cheers mate.....Apologies for the intrusion hey!
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    we as supporters should appreciate what our teams have done from '08 til now, against each other and separately. those that cant understand or appreciate that geelong and hawthorn have both been exceptional teams playing exceptional football and having exceptional matches against each other are simply missing out.
    5 years of frustration is a lot, and honestly you guys deserve to let it out. hawthorn should have won the flag this year, so its a good thing they did. best team easy across the year.

    cant wait for the next game against you guys!
    damn 420 character maximum...
    i wanted to keep menzel, but i couldnt find a pic with his number showing... may as well rep my favourite band then.
    Hey mate.....where's your ten and zip avatar....get on board
    why the hell not? took a while, but i managed to find the tenth issue of the beatles book.
    Hey mate,

    The National are just fantastic aren't they! My favourite band of all time :) The Walkmen are also one of my favourite bands.

    They only played Harvest down here, which I went to. I saw them in Jan this year twice at the Palais in St Kilda and it was unreal. What was the set-list like when you saw them?
    I see your browsing the SFA forum? Are you looking for a team to join? Im the captain of the Geelong Gumbies and ill be interested in signing you....Post in the new players thread or let me know :)'


    Geelong Gumbies Captain.
    Thanks barmy. Likewise yours. Had the chance to meet partridge at the game and good to put a face to the name. My son thinks it's bizarre but we are all Catfans which is a bond.
    Yeah mate, I found that thread yesterday actually! Been watching the Richmond game. Might need it again this week, sadly. Thanks for the notification though.
    G'day barmy, not sure what this means but cat supporters are always on my list as friends. Cheers.
    yeah agreed.
    most of the them i feel real sorry for, but there's a few certain flogs which have just made the victory all the sweeter.

    i was shittin myself when scarls rushed that point and dash had to kick it in, then enter harry taylor.
    i would have thought so, but it would appear the opposite!!
    btw, HOW GOOD WAS THAT!!!!
    what a ****ing win!! good on the boys!!
    looks like TC was right all along ;)
    Cheers mate, like last year the best team did not win the GF :mad:.

    Good luck with the BA - won't get you a job, but godspeed in wasting your life sir.

    I salute you
    mate it was absolute bs
    TC was rolling out the usual gags, and some whanker couldnt handle the heat so they got out of the kitchen and said "$5000 to the mod that gives TC a red card", so some douche just banned TC for the day...
    absolute rip
    Hey, yeah i like the cats. Fair bit of geelong influence in my family. It was either melb or geel when i was a kid and i think i picked melbourne when i was about 5 cause i thought gary hocking looked scary!! But yep def behind the cats when the dees are not up and about, so lets face i should just go for Geelong?????? Good work, glad you like the posts
    Yeah man, DTF kicked ass in the later episodes, they got some piss weak special effects on board. Really good stuff. Plus, stole the name because of its awesomeness.
    Mate, give it a rest. It's not worth arguing with podgey, he will keep coming back at you with the same crap. In the end, you just have to ignore him and he will go away.
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