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  • Hi Catman, I was just wondering if you have any invites to aus.sierules? I can only watch the Geelong games online now and don't have an account for Tragic! Be much appreciated if you can help me out.
    Hi mate, this might sound stupid but where can I find Rd 18 VFL to download? I grab the AFL games, haven't found the televised VFL ones. Ta, Jay.
    CF has them in the VFL section
    Your a dead-set legend! I was looking for past seasons on torrent sites a few months ago with zero luck, this is even better. Cheers again.
    Hopefully your not having a go at me in that post?
    no mate, I am sure you can work out who I am having a go at if you think hard enough lol
    hI catman, can you PM me any invites you have to any of the Torrent sites, say Thanks Juzcat
    Hi Catman,
    I am after an invite to If you have any, would appreciate one. My email is I have looked at other sites for Geelong games but all have failed to impress and from reading all the posts about aus.sierules, sounds like the ultimate site to both give and get games I have/want. Cheers, Russcats
    Any idea what this tipping reference is all about? Apparently i have a tipping page which is news to me as haven't tipped anything anywhere. Cheers, Veedubs
    there is a standing area, if you are early enough you might get lucky
    Hey mate. Heading down to Geelong for the first time on Saturday for the Dees game. Can i buy tickets at the gate? What are my hances of getting a seat?
    after Sundays game I've swung around to your point of view (reluctantly !) on Blake. If he keeps winning the hit outs, we'll win the clearances. cheers
    The thread "Great game and luck plays its role". One entry by Life Span-Void, and one of mine both deleted? Was it that I made reference to the user name?
    Catman, any idea about "The Beast"? Not sure where it comes from and why. Should I be offended?
    Hey mate,

    You didn't happen to tape the extended OneHD coverage from 6pm to 8:30 did you?
    Catman, my husband is unwell and in hospital. He was to do the review for the game with Footscray but will be unable to to so. Sorry
    This was important to him
    Excuse me Mr CatmanForever, sir, but I happen to notice you were the last person to look at my profile.

    May I ask why this is?? Stalker-ish much?
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