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    How to Pay off your mortgage this week

    Going by Paul Roos ranting and raving performance last week I would say he has lost the players. He is already gone in their eyes. I wouldn't be putting any money on the Swans.
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    Gillard speech

    I thought it was a very haphazard speech. Sounded insincere, forced and it wasn't half as graceful as Rudd was.
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    What does this all mean for the Libs?

    The Libs just won the election. Australia will not tolerate a female Prime Minister, especially since the older generation are still the largest voting block. Its really that simple. Rudd had his problems but at least he was a chance. Well done to them on out-flanking labor.
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    Chris Judds reputation

    Yep the halo is well and truly gone. Filthy player who will sadly be remembered as a fading Carlton thug.
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    Judd, Still a protected species

    Its business as usual for the AFL. They have shown many times they are willing to break their own rules to make a rod for their own back. They only really care about money, ratings and attendance figures. If Juddy is rubbed out the Blues fans will drop off like flies.
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    Is Nic Naitanui ridiculously overrated?

    :D That's an absolute crock of sh*t.
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    Tarrant Trade 4 Years On

    I think one could make the argument that its a lose/lose trade. Collingwood would have been better off hanging on to Tarrant because they have been pressing for a premiership the last few years and this year. He would make them a better team right now. The Pies didn't need both Reid and Brown -...
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    Beau Waters

    LMAO pick the odd man out here. Also not in the category of Wayne Carey, Nathan Buckley, Shaun McManus and Chris Judd.
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    Could Ablett have already signed with GC?

    Haven't Gold Coast already started using Gary Ablett in their advertising? I think I read that somewhere. By doing that they are pretty much admitting they have already signed him.
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    Inaugural draft concessions

    Those players are not locked up and they are in fact likely to get the best player in the AFL.
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    Round 10 Rising Star

    I don't think they have given it to a player from a losing team all year so Gysberts is no chance. In any event Dustin Martin is way ahead of him and he shouldn't be penalized because on the week that Richmond win he played in the slop.
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    McKenna: six of the best?

    Its hard to tell but I think Swallow and Toy are the only guys who had done enough to be certainties to go top 10.
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    Laidley to coach WCE in 2011

    Yeah 5 grand finals and 3 premierships since 1987. Richmond since 1987 - A donut. This is too easy :D
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    "Please Explain' Michael Johnson / Freo

    That's pretty funny. Even the media are saying his future is in doubt while some Docker fans themselves wanted him booted out. So its gone from a 'one off' incident to a 'two off' incident 5 years apart. You would have to be a complete nuffy to believe nothing else happened in that time span...
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    Is Sheedy at war with Richmond?

    Does anyone care? Sheedy has been irrelevant for many years now and continues to remain irrelevant. Why would you pay any attention to him? He isn't even in the AFL.