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  • Hey mate,

    As a Christian i usually tend to stay away from the mess that most threads on here become, but somehow found myself reading that thread. I thought you wrote a good post.

    Just curious, which church do you go to in perth? I've been in baptist churches in perth for years, but now i'm at busselton baptist.
    Hi EKA
    New season about to start in BFFCL.
    You interested in coming back to the Crocodiles?


    hey mate, EKA stats and all that are up in a new thread on the main page. could you please PM me your votes. I'll then work out with you when you can be online to present the award.
    hey mate, another year of the EKA Medal coming up. The nominees are up (probably hard to find, they're in a thread somewhere:D) in case you were wanting to ask around people you trust to see who is deserving (not sure how much you would've been noticing this season). I'll be doing stats for each of them and posting them up in the next few weeks (still about a month before its announced) and will get them to you so you can make up your mind as to your votes.
    hey EKA, can I please get your votes for the EKA Medal. Nominees are the following: Snag Breac (WCW), Croweater41 (WCW), Bachar Houli (BB), Hawk Patrol (BB), benchwarmer77 (FF), Carn Tigez (FF), Flawed Genius (GG), SA Hawkette (SD), cormick (SD), The Old Dark Navy Blue's (MS), Groove (AS)
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