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    See you later BF

    Excellent post and all the best with getting it back on track. Have been having similar thoughts of giving bigfooty up of late, it's becoming a bit much of an addiction. Life and in particular work is extremely busy (work away from home for weeks at a time). While I wouldn't say it directly...
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    Review 2017 - Revisit the 2017 AFL draft

    Kelly made some massive improvements over the last couple of years - put on plenty of size, but got a lot fitter, before that was a WAFL reserves footballer (albeit a very good one).
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    Afghanistan and Ireland gain test status

    I love the fact he gets the opportunity but would temper expectations considerably. Bowling in a test match is a whole different ball game to one dayers as many other excellent, aggressive short form spinners have discovered - ask Hogg, Mendis, Narine etc.
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    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 7

    Never understood the lack of confidence Cameron has in big Simpson, they always seem to play better when he is there winning the ruck. Certainly going to give you a better chance than Lachie Keefe. They've been smashed by injuries, but been an exceptionally lacklustre season so far from the...
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    Australians in County Cricket 2018

    Yorkshire skittled for 50 on the first morning, yet at the close of day one the game is evenly poised after they returned fire bowling Essex out for 150 and are now 2/161. Ducks for both Cook and Root in the first innings. Funny game is cricket.
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    Afghanistan and Ireland gain test status

    Getting close now :) The Irish have picked their inaugural squad:
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    Review 2016 - Revisiting the 2016 AFL Draft

    Personally would prefer English both now and into the future, but Darcy is pretty good too.
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    U18 Champs 2018 Western Australian U18 Squad

    We've had a couple of excellent years lately, so that is a big call.
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    Draft Profile 2018 Mature Aged Prospects

    Have heard a theory that early days (when he was draft age) he wasn't willing to give up motorcross. Honestly don't know the whole story though, probably more likely that AFL recruiters weren't a fan of his size and limited athleticism but geez his performances over a period of five or six years...
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    If Lehmann walks or is sacked, who replaces him?

    When Langer took over as WA coach you probably were saying he was too similar to Tom Moody to change anything. Quality person with vast experience in successful teams over the world who will drive discipline. I like Ponting and Gillespie, but Langer was the clear call to be made.
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    Certified Legendary Thread China History in the Making

    To be frank the article kicks it out on the full completely missing the point that their move back to Moorabbin is a good one for reconnecting the club back to its community - which has underpinned a lot of the goodwill and trust amongst the supporter base required for us to be exploring...
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    Cultural review of Australian cricket.

    Is it though? Do you remember the aggressive circle-jerk from the media and public when they took back the Ashes in the 13/14 whitewash followed by the South African tour and culminating in the following years World Cup? There was active celebration about "Get ready for a ****ing broken arm"...
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    What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? (Part 1 - cont in Part 2)

    Cox was so good around the ground that his ruck work has become seemingly under-appreciated. I don't think Kerr, Judd and Cousins would forget the platter he helped serve up to them each week though.
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    Scape Goat Alleged SPP incident/broken curfew + malicious and exploitative reporting by Channel 7 news

    No it shouldn't have. Richmond's punishment was perfectly adequate and Broad was clearly remorseful and embarrassed. Drew attention to the issue on a societal level and the backlash set a pretty clear standard for young men as to what is acceptable..
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    Draft Profile 2018 Mature Aged Prospects

    Sokol is an interesting one. Very Brett Ebert / Ben Saunders like in that he is an undersized key forward with great goal sense and an awesome kick on him. Pace, agility and pressure I'm not quit sure is AFL-standard yet, but has taken some big steps forward and really established himself as a...

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