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  • bad luck mate, cant win them all ,Over the last 10 years geelong have won 75% of the grandfianls they have played , hawthorn 50% .
    so what are you going to think about more over the summer losing the grandfinal or the fact that no matter what you can not beat geelong ?
    PS its kind of cool how i can say i support the only victorian club to win 3 AFL premierships
    Its Kind of cool to support the only club that has won 5 AFL premierships.
    also over the last 10 years its nice to say Hawthorn have won 80% of the Grand Finals they have played in.
    Geelong Choke by 26 has always liked to tell me how he's super smart and good looking so it's no wonder he likes to support such a minnow smalltime hipster club
    28 points up in the last quarter, no scarlett or taylor to play on franklin or roughead , all you had to do was hold on and win and you would be launching a late run at the premiership.It was a golden opportunity, but you blew it.

    fatso franklin couldnt get boot to ball because hes to slow, hodge was no where to be found as he cant handle a tag and cant find the footy himself.

    as usual hawthorn couldnt handle the pressure
    once again another side bows down to the mighty geelong , destiny prevented the bulldogs from beating us tonight , they are simply not worthy of beating us .undefeated and destined for greatness ,the premierships ours now off you go and fight for a top 8 spot
    hawthorn are gone

    franklin is fat and cant play on his right side
    hodge cant handle a tag
    what a joke 44 point loss to bombers ahahahahahahahah
    hawthorn will never win another premiership with this group of players
    funny when ever i hear anyone talk about geelong all the say is geelong is the best, never hear the word hawthorn and the best side in the comp together.I than look at all the games played so farr this year and i see geelong dfeated haawthorn.

    to makes sure this wasnt a typo i watched the replay and what do you know geelong made hawthorn look like a vfl side for 3 quarters and than deiced to tease hawton by letting them get close

    i than checked the ladder and i see geelong 2nd , 2 games plus perecentige in the top 4 , a position hawthorn would love to be in .I than see hawthorn not in the top 8 .

    my conclusion is that this win hawthorn had over geelong must of happend in your dreams, sweet drams mate cause thats the only place you will be having any joy this year
    ahahahahahahahahha just had a look in the record book and i cant see where it says hawtorn beat geelong , all i saw was geelong defeated hawthorn , geelong 2nd on the ladder and hawthorn in the bottom 4.Face it you have no margin for error from hear, the flags almost gone for you guys
    Lol yep, really every post is exactly the same as the last from them.

    I mean even Gunslinger looks like a good poster compared to WeAreCheating and Big Ranga. And that is seriously saying something!
    I feel at times, I have to bring myself down to the pathetic level of posting him and big Ranga are at.

    They are either just really, really terrible posters, or they have some type of mental deficiency...
    Lol check out WeAreCheating again, I think his vocabulary consists of less than 50 words.

    I'm not sure he knows what 'fishing' is tbh.
    Deeeeewwwwww gooooo crawfffffff hoddddgggggeeeeeyyyy can not believe it still saw my first gf and i am over the moon still and not back to earth yet :D
    yes wear them out before we get to them , i like that idea :) well i think i better go thanks for the chat , as long as we get to the GF i will be happy as , see you .
    i am the same i wantus to win but we have to first get past that prelim , probably against pies , then beat , the cats i reckon it will be , i am still a bit in shock of where we now are , 1 more game before that big one , i know i will be in total shock when we hopefully win that one .

    trying not to get ahead of myself is hard .
    i had a dream last year about playing geelong in the grand final and winning i think hoge had same dream too :)
    that roo supporter was getting to me too much so got a bit jumpy plus , i'm getting nervous about the preliminary . well bet wishes i will try but can not guarantee i will get it right , punctuation that is , as it has been a very long time since i had to worry about it .:eek:
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