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    Footy folklore you wish you could confirm

    When Norm Johnstone from Fitzroy was injured once he stated that his injury happened when he trod on his penis.
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    Fat Pizza's Trivia Question #441

    Harry Beitzel?
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    Ding Dong the wicked witch...has quit

    This arseholes behavior when Fitzroy were "merged" with Brisbane was beyond the pale. Apparently he was in the Fitzroy offices when the fax came through that effectively finished up the Roys - and was gloating in front of some very distressed Fitroys people who had for years tried to keep us...
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    Nathan Buckley

    Mick98, believe it, because it's true. Just imagine if, one day, Collingwood no longer exist. Would you, all of a sudden, be able to pick another team to barrack for? And before you start on the Fitzroy merged with Brisbane thing, the merger of Fitzroy and Brisbane was like your local...
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    Nathan Buckley

    Not a troll, nor am I dull. Am watching the NAB cup at home with some AFL fans in Sydney, and they asked my opinion of whether Buckley would succeed as a coach. I said I didn't think he would cut he mustard as a coach and thought I would see what other people thought. I rarely post here...
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    Nathan Buckley

    I have no idea what you are talking about
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    Nathan Buckley

    Unlisted, because I don't follow anyone anymore after Fitzroy got arsed by the AFL. This is just an opinion by the way....
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    Nathan Buckley

    This may have been covered before, but I'll claim being the first to say it. He didn't win a premiership as a player, and he won't win one as a coach. The pies did the wrong thing in retiring Malthouse, and whilst they will still do allright this year, the arseing of Malthouse will come...
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    Was Fitzroy actually that bad??

    I tried and tried to get on the merger, but it never, ever felt like following the Roys. There was one opportunity that was missed by Michael Voss to get me, and I would imagine a whole lot of Royboys on board - he thanked all of the supporters up in Brisbane (and so he should) and then...
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    Brad Hodge

    I just read that Brad Hodge has now retired from all cricket bar T20, and he is still bewildered as to why he didn't play more tests etc... I remember seeing a young Brad Hodge off his head more than a number of times and I suspect this may have had a lot to do with not being picked more...
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    Hard to believe - 15 years on

    I downloaded the ABC podcast from the other week - gee it was hard to listen to. In fact I had to stop about half way though it as I was on a bus and felt like bawling my eyes out... I know I will never get over us being arsed by the AFL enough to follow the game properly. Watching...
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    Maybe the Tigers should look at this bloke for 2012

    At least this bloke would show more commitment than most of the blokes who dished up that bubbling pot of crap yesterday against Carlton (the bloke standing behind Danny Frawley is the man in question)
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