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  • Mate, on the how to make Melbourne profitable thread, please ignore some of our more passionate supporters who can't quite get a point across without abuse.

    I think you have valid points and I have faith our current board will/is address/ing them. The stereotype that our supporters have a bit of a 'We're Melbourne so we don't need to worry' attitude is true to an extent, but don't tar us all with the same brush. I've seen many bogan Melbourne supporters :D .
    No, the other one.

    I posted one word in a thread about Heath Black getting into some trouble, a word that starts with "C" and ends with "ulture", which was clearly a joke that everyone got except for one person.
    I want us to use pick 3 on him.

    EFH went well thanks to everyone who ran it (basically everyone but me).

    I'm still coming to terms with Nathan Bassett retiring. :(

    How did the comp run on EFH this year?
    Yeah not bad mate. Uni is pretty busy at the moment though, and my work burnt down about a week ago so I don't have a job right now. But hey, apart from that I can't complain.

    Except I'm not polling any votes in the West Coast Poster of the Year Award. Disgrace. :D
    Good mate just a bit tired - have had a week in Abu Dhabi (Eid holidays over here). Bit depressed after the GF - relaising that my team in 5 years away from being able to play that sort of football.


    Come to the Eagles board, we're less strict, Keyser is the worst offender and he always lets himself get away with it. :D

    How's life treating you apart from that?
    Hey Moo

    Just wanted to say that it's really great to have a poster like you contributing to the Carlton forum. I know some Carlton supporters can be rather one eyed (that's probably putting it politely) so it's good to have someone with a level head and knowledge adding to discussion.

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