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  • Hi P.O. I started a thread on" AFL look a likes" and subsequently found that it was behind a paywall. Can you delete the thread? I cannot work out how to delete it. Cheers, The Rabbi
    P_O, The Cats would have to persevere with Delaney now that they have put him through all that surgery . Wouldn't they?
    P.O. was there a thread on the MRP decision re: Selwood V Trengrove and the Malee?
    I have searched for a thread but cannot find one.
    BTW, chew on this for a bit and tell me what you think. Koby Stevens = next Josh P Kennedy...just have a feeling he needs a run at it like Kennedy did. Not sure it'll be with someone.
    lulz - I should have said "yeah, I too doubt..." Stupid interwebz, if only it understood what I was thinking instead of writing.
    no worries mate.

    Good posting from you as always. maybe you should call wells and offer some help, as decision making will be really tough this year.
    You've got to learn to reply on my wall!

    Yeah well I've already set up the 2009 draftees' threads too. Will go through for every player and copy/paste all news article posts into their relevant threads in the summer. Also looking to post individual season stats for each player too, and their BigFooty player review.
    We might be able to still find some stuff on the 08 and 09 draft kids, anything further back than that will be difficult as archives are harder to access.

    But I think it's a great trend you're starting even if we can only do it from now on, I've noticed other club boards have it and I think it keeps stuff neat and easy to find.
    Thanks for starting those Cat Scan contributions mate.

    Looking to update every thread over summer, but started with the new ones as there isn't much to hunt down.
    Are you keen to write a short preview for the three way NAB match this Sunday that I can put in the OP of a preview thread?

    Random question. Your quote at the bottom of your post "im right to go kenny, I just cant se..." Did Maxy actually say that!?
    Hey man, love your signature thingie...how did you get it to be so long...i have had mine for couple of weeks now, (only juts saw yours is the same as mine) but mines short cos I could only fit 35 letters into it....how did you get something so long??? Cheers
    I thought it was great....I did know it would be so well attended and in such a well located spot. Enjoyed the seats too. Definitely will go if there is another one on in the future.

    Love egan...feel sorry for him and snell the way their careers ended.
    What did you think of the metro cats function before the game on the weekend, and the seats.
    I had NO idea that it would be such a BIG thing.

    Really enjoyed it and will go again I think, interesting insight in yates and egan
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