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  1. Lord_Flashheart

    Has anyone s**t their pants more than Patrick Cripps in the 2023 prelim.

    13 disposals, a dodgy goal. Absolutely ineffective. Worst Brownlow medalist since Shane Woewoden.
  2. A

    Backfire Hey Brislame: who will Cripps pwn this weekend

    We know this time of year Cripps dominates you. First it was the perfectly executed bump on Ah Chee, secondly it was snatching the Brownlow from Neales fingertips. I suspect on Saturday night he will show Zorko what a captains game looks like & show Neale what a Brownlow winners game looks like.
  3. Woody15

    Pickett bump on Cripps to get this one started.. Thoughts on Pickett's bump? 2 weeks? Ran past the ball, chose to bump, and wasn't attempting a smother so yeh I think he's in big trouble. Cripps off with the blood rule. Second time this year as well. Thug perhaps? Fake tough guy? Thoughts Dees fans? Shaun...
  4. Cripps&OldMate.png


  5. Cripps Corruption.png

    Cripps Corruption.png

  6. Mofra

    Game Day The Liam Jones Cup - No finals Cripps vs Flag Dog Bontempelli

    Channel 7 are stupid, this will be a slightly less s**t game.
  7. Altum Volantes

    Is Jamie Cripps the most under rated Eagle ever?

    ...excellent defenders like Brennan, Waters, MacKenzie, Sheppard) - but these are usually fan favourites at the same time, a status that Jamie Cripps hasn’t really ever enjoyed. He now often gets lumped in with older guys that are no longer performing to their usual standard by the ‘PLAY THE...
  8. cripps j.PNG

    cripps j.PNG

  9. cripps patrick carlton.PNG

    cripps patrick carlton.PNG

  10. Meteoric Rise

    List Mgmt. Revealed: The Secret Frank Jackson Formula That Explains Why Richmond Took Ben Lennon In Preference to Patrick Cripps & the Van Rooyen Snub Explained

    Moppey will be fuming at this. He said he wanted Cripps, he outright demanded Van Rooyen. Not only did he not get Cripps or Van Rooyen, we can now establish Richmond will likely not take any further interstate players with go home factor attached with first round National Draft selections...
  11. zackah

    Patrick Cripps - brownlow winner*

    Hand it back Patty :$
  12. Elmer_Judd

    Think Tank What's the difference between Chris Grant and Patrick Cripps ?

    My only regret was the late great Johnny Eliott wasn't around to see Paddy's moment in glory Lol Bulldogs, you stole your own finals spot, but we stole your dignity. Tragic club lol
  13. spiderman cripps judd.jpg

    spiderman cripps judd.jpg

  14. Chief

    Brownlow Should the AFL overturn the Cripps Brownlow decision?

    Given the uproar caused by Patrick Cripps history-making victory in the Brownlow medal tally, should the AFL overturn the result? Vote YES if you are ready to go down to Crown Palladium and overturn cars!
  15. Kreuuuzeurns

    Brownlow Patrick Cripps - 2022 Brownlow Medallist

    Very well deserved after a fantastic season. Congratulations Crippa !
  16. bradfisher14

    Brownlow Congratulations Patrick Cripps - 2022 Brownlow Medalist 🏅

    What is usually an unwatchable affair has been rendered palatable by virtue of our skipper being a live chance. Rick started with a bang this season and is likely to receive 3 votes in almost every game he played until the bye. For a brief moment, he was the best player in the world and...
  17. nut

    Moved Thread Crisp v Cripps

    Which one is more crunchy? The crispy magpie is arguably the most underrated player in the comp. I’d take Crisp over Cripps.
  18. Aphrodite

    Toast Cripps (VC), Saad, Charlie named in the 2022 AA side!

    The 5 ... Cripps Curnow Saad Walsh Weitering No Doc :huh:
  19. Elmer_Judd

    Live Event Game of the Season - Ivan Drago's Commie DeeVillians vs Courageous Rocky Blueboas and Cripps aka Team Australia !!!

    I am sure everyone and their dog are behind the mighty Blue Baggers as we fight to make an courageous finals appearance against all odds and obstacles This is the only game of the day, let alone round, that matters. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE !!!!