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  1. V_23

    Friendly reminder: Darcy Moore’s still a flog

    Socks and Crocs, and… whatever the hell those “clothes” are :eekv1:
  2. Anzacday

    Player Watch Darcy Moore (Part 2)

    Old thread can be found Here
  3. jimmy35

    There’s Only One Darcy Moore but…

    Have thought this many times, I reckon Darce is the only player on our list that you could legitimately say we’d fit in 6, maybe 8, into our side. KPD* x 2, KPF* x 2, 1 in the ruck and 1 a winger that plays as an outlet from defence and a floating high forward thread. You could argue a 2nd...
  4. Moore Pinot Noir.png

    Moore Pinot Noir.png

  5. RossFC

    MVP PAFC B&F 2023 - Congratz Butters (AFL), Moore (SANFL) "PORT ADELAIDE'S night of nights - the 2023 Best and Fairest event - will be streamed live from the Adelaide Convention Centre this coming Monday, the 9th of October. The club will present the 2023...
  6. Truckosaurus

    Vale Dr Rod Moore This one slipped through to the keeper in the Grand Final rush I suspect, but Rod Moore - club doctor from 1986 to 2012 - passed away last week. A long-term servant of the club, it sounds like he will be missed by many.
  7. Lingsface

    What a story- Moore

    I didn’t know enough about Peter Moore but seeing as he may hand the cup to his son! Moore was captain and played in 4 losing grand finals but managed to win every other award within the club and 2 Brownlow medals as well, but I’m sure he was dissatisfied with not getting the one medal he...
  8. WalterBlaknWhte

    Toast Nice 'Age' article on Daicoses: 'We're so proud'; with bonus Peter Moore wisdom

    ...finals in the same year as one of its players has won the Brownlow Medal is not great. Dane Swan in 2011, Nathan Buckley in 2003 and Peter Moore in 1979 all played in losing grand finals for the Magpies after winning the game’s highest individual award. (FFS - stupid correlation) Moore said...
  9. C

    Collingwood 2023 Premiership cup presenter - Peter Moore

    Tony Shaw upon interviewing Peter Moore on 3aw said it would be fitting if Peter presented the 2023 AFL Premiership Cup to Darcy , and Peter replied that he couldn’t comment on that. He has probably already been informed that he will. How magical would that moment be Pies do it.
  10. Moore Moore Moore.jpg

    Moore Moore Moore.jpg

  11. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Dylan Moore - [signed to 2026]

    With the hawks previously stupidly delisting Moore now whenever he is out of contract he is an unrestricted free agent that can be poached easily Only 23 years old expect many clubs to throw coin at him. One to look out for next year in 2023
  12. Kurve

    Current The crimes of corrupt cop Adrian Trevor Moore - WA * Sentenced to 30 years

    ...personal data of almost 100 women, some multiple times (including DOB and addresses) from a restricted police system using a police computer. 'Moore joined the force in 1990 and was nominated for police officer of the year in 2011, the court was told.' 'He looked up the women’s details...
  13. Elmer_Judd

    Darcy Moore or Jacob Weitering

    Simple question really, who do you think is the better defender/player and who would you rather have on your team (same question really) I rate Weiters considerably higher than Moore, but I am curious as to what the general consensus (esp amongst BF neutrals is)

    Freo Dockers vs Darcy Moore's Dockers (NTTAWWT)

    Hope Mason Cox has some windscreen wipers on those goggles.
  15. footscray1973

    Former club captain Alan Moore and captain we've had since joining the (then) VFL, I was astounded to see that Scott Wynd had actually served as a co-captain with Alan Moore: Now I know I'm getting on in years, but I'm struggling to place Alan Moore. Obviously good enough to co-captain for 7 seasons, so must have...
  16. ____

    What pubs in the Moore Park area has Toohey's old on tap?

    Asking the important questions for when we play you guys next weekend.. I may be a Queenslander that now lives in Victoria but I love a Toohey's old on tap, it's one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to this trip. It's not the same off a bottle and no pub in Victoria has Toohey's old on tap.
  17. A Cut Above

    Dylan Moore is ELITE and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    Don't like it? Then Hodgey has this very personal message for you. :grinv1:
  18. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Darcy Moore [signs 6 year deal]

    In terms of free agents next year this bloke would likely command the greatest salary on the open market. Think he’s on around 800k atm but could easily see offers just under that 1 mil mark to get across as a free agent if pies finish bottom 2 does he go or do pies want to pay both him and...
  19. Strapping Young Lad

    Ultimate Glory 22 under 22 - CJ, Worpel and Moore nominated

    Here’s your chance to get 3 of our “yoof” into the AFL’s 22 under 22 team. Just click through to the link and select your team.
  20. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Dylan Moore [signed 2 year deal]

    Having a good year as a small forward playing all bar 1 game so far and averaging 1.3 goals a game. The appeal here is that hes a free agent since he was previously delisted and put onto the rookie list. Hawks apparently also keen to bring in lachie schultz which seems odd as they are fairly...
  21. Ford Fairlane

    Ethan Moore

    Yes he's a sanfl player and we will move this thread later, but Ethan Moore is getting some attention among our sanfl top up ranks and warrants some discussion. Moore said the experience at Alberton so far has been unbelievable. “The coaches are great,” he said. “'Cotts' [Jarrad Cotton]...
  22. S

    Anderson speaks out here. Jordy and Moore contract talks on hold atm. He speaks about a range of matters. COVID really is disruptive to our operations.
  23. GWBogan

    Live Event Moore Park vs. Dingley - Buddy's "Cola" Cup

    Who the * are Matthew Ling and Keegan Brooksby? o_O
  24. S

    Anyone else think that Moore has gone to another level this year?

    We need a bit of good news after the double blow on Friday but since last year's finals series he seems to have further grown in confidence and can match it with excellent opponents. He can take contested marks and run off his man. Touching all wood hoping for no more injuries to him. The...
  25. S

    Society/Culture Michael Moore vs the looney Greens Already known to be the biggest bulllshite'rs of all MM goes after the greens for their corporate connections, their solutions that don't address problems (IE burning...
  26. S

    Moore in isolation on Foxtel Interesting questions about forwards and backs etc.
  27. Aphrodite

    Past 47. Callum Moore

    Welcome Callum :carlton:
  28. Tiger trail

    Cashed up tigers want Darcy Moore

    Yes folks now that Rance has retired we are looking to bolster the void in the backline and Darcy seems to be in our sites and Eddie is in total meltdown mode.
  29. Chief

    Rare picture of Darcy Moore...

    looking like an actual dude!
  30. HardcoreGeelongFan

    Richmond set to poach Darcy Moore (says Tom Browne) edit: Apologies didn't realize source was Tom Browne