1. B

    2010 AFL Grand Final - Previously Unseen Fan Footage

    Previously unseen fan footage from the 2010 AFL Grand Final between Collingwood and St Kilda. Featuring the Grand Final parade, March to the G, Pre-game atmosphere and clips from the game including the siren after what would turn out to be the last drawn Grand Final in VFL/AFL history... Fan...
  2. King_AFL


  3. E

    West Coast v Collingwood Highlights | 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final | AFL

    West Coast v Collingwood Highlights
  4. Honesty Seeker

    Pre-Season Time Trial Stats etc

    Reading about 193cm Jok winning the Saints time-trial but as usual his time wasn't posted. Why? There never is for any club in any year!! WTF!! How can that be so damned confidential. It's not as if it's going to change the result of any game at any time! Doesn't anyone else want to know just...
  5. Mkcaptain

    Universal Love GF Tickets wanted / for sale / trade / swap (Please read OP for legals)

    I just don't believe it! We're in the ******* GF! If I'm dreaming I never want to wake up 1 ticket needed [Mod edit] The Victorian Government have declared the 2018 Toyota AFL Finals Series matches held in...
  6. I

    The Lace Out AFL Podcast Preliminary Finals Edition

    Hi all AFL lovers, Hot off the airwaves (that makes no sense)! The Preliminary Finals preview is live and is unofficially sponsored by The Spice Girls when they sang for this week's podcast! We also answered ALL the questions raised by the Lace Out Community in the first gathering of the Match...
  7. LostTP

    AFL themed Wooden Spoons Mobile Game

    Give it a shot and send to some Blues friends Wooden Spoons by LostTP posted Sep 2, 2018 at 10:38 AM IOS Link
  8. Wooden Spoons

    Wooden Spoons

    Mobile Game
  9. CM9000

    Unofficial Preview West Coast Vs Collingwood Banter Thread

    Per the title, this is the banter thread for the Colliwobbles AKA "the threat to Richmond". Have at it.
  10. Tonga Bob

    Preview Round 23 - Edgar Allan Bob's 'The Magpie'

    Once upon a round a’floating, of a season cold and bloating, I ignore the constant gloating and ponder things that could have been. As this season goes down the sink the images that make me drink Flash by, and soon I think of things that I have seen. Of games and plays and incidents I wish could...
  11. TheVineSport

    Podcast with Jordan De Goey!

    Want to know what is going on behind closed doors at the magpies to have them sitting second? Want to know where Jordan De Goey's heart is? Listen to this hour long, exclusive interview with Collingwood superstar Jordan De Goey for all of this and more!
  12. magpienato

    Famous Collingwood Wins

    What are some famous Collingwood wins you can remember? Yesterday's victory against the red-hot Demons has inspired me to look back on some of our most famous wins. Doesn't have to be a Grand Final, or an Anzac Day game. It could even be a bloody pre-season game! but the idea of this thread...
  13. HappyRed

    Opinion Dayne Beams to Collingwood.

    Just curious, It's been many years now since he left our revered club, and I think he has shown some development at Brisbane, at least from maturity. What would your reaction be if you read the above headline in the news in next years trade period and on that note, IF Dayna beams asked for a...
  14. JimJamzzz

    Portfolio HD Wallpapers 2018

    Some wallpapers for people i've been doing in my spare time the last day or two. Will get around to doing all clubs in the next week or two also open to resolution suggestions/feedback etc. Enjoy
  15. Collingwood centerlink guernsey

    Collingwood centerlink guernsey

  16. Make Collingwood Great Again

    Make Collingwood Great Again

    Make Collingwood Great Again
  17. B

    Rumour American Pie linked to the Brisbane Lions

    According to Brian Waldron on SEN the move is as good as done with Mason Cox the Collingwood ruckman set to seek a move north. This comes after Collingwood have reportedly put a 2 year contract extension in front of Cox which he has yet to sign.
  18. ArielZ

    Brodie Grundy's tackle- what's the verdict?

    Personally don't think Grundy's tackle on Ben Brown deserves a suspension. Brown tried to release himself mid tackle, causing him to be unbalanced and go crashing forwards due to momentum. Interested in hearing other peoples thoughts however.
  19. mattys123

    Strategy Which changes do we make at seasons end? (coaching, rec, dev, admin?)

    With Nathan Buckley's tenure as season coach almost certain to come to and end in a few weeks (oh come on it's as certain as GAJ going back to Geelong) I thought it was time to assess how many changes we make to other areas of the club. The options are; Nathan Buckley only; Bucks is the only...
  20. Chrispiesssss

    Is it Bucks or the Players?

    I have witnessed several arguments on the train, on BF and in the Collingwood Cheersqaud. Who's to blame for our inconsistency!? This is a serious issue. Because no one can deny that when we play at a very high level, we are probably a top 8 team. The failure to do so falls on who? It's an...
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