1. acm21

    News ANZAC Kits 2021

    Just received an email from essendon, so thought may as well start a thread. Same kit as has been the case for a couple of years now. Feel free to merge into another thread if required.
  2. Scooter05

    Podcast Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Essendon v Swans Podcast review out now

    Hey Everyone If you don't know me I am Scott McNeice and a mad EFC fan. Many of you will already know but myself and Grant do an Essendon Podcast with the both us two talking everything Essendon and having special guests on provided by the club or contacts with journalists we have. Recently...
  3. VelvetSledge

    Player Watch # 7: Zachary Merrett (vc)

    Welcome to the Essendon Football Club, Zach Merrett! Height: 179 cm Weight: 76kg D/O/B: 3/10/1995 Position: Anywhere, can be played all over the ground Recruited From: Sandringham Dragons Key Strengths: Extremely smart decision maker, always looks for a better option Knows where to find the...
  4. Foxman16379

    Looking for a Fitzroy v Essendon game from 1987

    Hey everyone, Possible needle in a haystack but I'm after a game between Fitzroy and Essendon from 1987. The round 7 match held at Princes Park. Does anybody have a copy of either the full match or highlights that they might be able to upload on Google Drive (or Dropbox)? Any help much...
  5. CM9000

    Game Day Round 14: West Coast Vs Essendon

    Round 18: West Coast Vs Essendon Or: Going in Far Too Early with Fraser McInnes This was the worst game I went to last year. Or, I mean, the one that took place in 2018. I had to sit in the freezing cold while literal drug cheats smashed us. Then we pegged it back a little, and it ended up...
  6. jmac91

    Vic Clubs Playing Games at Old Home Grounds

    Now I might be pushing this but, with recent talk of the Bulldog's Expanding The Western Oval and talks of them playing 'heritage' games there. Should Victoria Clubs, and AFL clubs in general, play 'heritage' games at their old Grounds. Yes this might be a bit outrageous but I kind of like the...
  7. Honesty Seeker

    Pre-Season Time Trial Stats etc

    Reading about 193cm Jok winning the Saints time-trial but as usual his time wasn't posted. Why? There never is for any club in any year!! WTF!! How can that be so damned confidential. It's not as if it's going to change the result of any game at any time! Doesn't anyone else want to know just...
  8. SkinnyLappin

    Call out for thesis research participation!

    Hi All! Long time, first time. I’m currently doing my thesis project involving advertising and marketing strategies used by Victorian AFL clubs to attract new members. I'm on the hunt for any Bigfooty users who became first time members of the Melbourne, Richmond, Essendon or Carlton footy...
  9. D

    Consistency of rulings

    If the tribunal is to be believed then the reason given for why Naitanui was suspended a few weeks ago, that he should have considered his size compared to the opponent whom he tackled and hurt, should now be similarly adjudicated this week from the Richmond game. Zaharakis must be expecting...
  10. Midfield Clearance

    Midfield Clearance

  11. Rold Gold Pretzels

    Rold Gold Pretzels

  12. Macca18

    Analysis The mental ineptitude against so called "lesser" sides & general mediocrity of EFC (Since 2005)

    Let's try and have a sensible analysis of some of the reasons our club has been unable to win many of the so called "winnable" games since our last finals victory (2004). Below is a list of the games (37) where our club has started "favourites" (or equal favourites) against sides of similar...
  13. TheDoctor11

    Discussion Footy Jumpers Buy Swap Sell – new rules in OP

    If you're looking to offload jumpers or swap them for that jumper you've always wanted, post all sale/swapping related issues in this thread! Rules (as of February 2018): BigFooty, the Footy Jumpers & Graphic Design board and its moderators are not responsible for any transactions made/moneys...
  14. CricketXI

    Fantasy Cricket Fanatic

    Hi Guys, I am new on here. I am a huge Essendon fan, even go to VFL games when I can, and a Cricket nut.
  15. Deep

    Brent Stanton retires

    Not in the top echelon of players during his time however managed playing at least 20 games over the 2006-2015 period. Durable 250+ gamers are hard to come by no matter what club you support. Came back after the year off and struggled to stay in the side under a new coach and game plan. Has an...
  16. Killer_Mike

    Toast Things about the Bombers that make you smile

    I thought I might start a bit of a lighthearted thread and somewhere where we can come to celebrate great Essendon stories. If this has been covered elsewhere then delete but I thought it might be a good opportunity to discuss things throughout the history of our great club that makes you proud...
  17. CM9000

    Autopsy The Post-Essendon Vent Thread

    Getting this in early because it's not looking likely we'll win this.
  18. S

    Bombers Fans: "We Still Get Called Drug Cheats Every Week."

    A interesting little docco featuring members of the Bombers cheersquad. Is it acceptable that they the fans still get sledged every week- or is that just part of being a fan?
  19. VelvetSledge

    Game Day Round 5: ANZAC Day - Essendon v Collingwood, MCG, 3.20pm

    FORECAST: 90% chance of rain, maximum 19 degrees. 2-8mm rain predicted. Cloudly. Winds north to northwesterly 15 to 25kmh, before easing in early afternoon. ESSENDON BOMBERS: $2.10 COLLINGWOOD MAGPIES: $1.76 THE SUPERCOACH TOP 3 FROM LAST WEEK: ESSENDON: Brendon Goddard (133), Matthew...
  20. A photo of a newspaper

    A photo of a newspaper