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    Mega Thread The Official 2020 NBA COVID BUBBLE Playoffs Thread (Never go full Playoff P)

    Almost 10 months ago we blissfully gorged ourselves on the opening of the NBA season. Kawhi left Canada for a better standard of loving (now who's laughing), arrived in LA (the other one) instantly forming the leagues most powerful squad, Lakers traded the farm for AD, Houston changed their...
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    The Bigfooty Official Week 14 NBA Thread. The return of Zion

    Miami and Spurs headline a quiet day in the NBA. Denver and Indiana Pacers the other game. Here is a highlight.
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    The Bigfooty Official Week 8 National Basketball Association Thread

    Another fantastic week of basketball on and off the court has been completed. Whoever had Fizdale in the sacked coach sweep, congratulations. Becky Hammon rumoured to contain interest in the head coach position. In other news, Benjamin Simmons hit another 3. He is shooting a whopping 50%...
  4. nahnah

    2019 NBA Offseason Thread - Free Agency starts 6 p.m. ET on June 30

    For those who's teams are out of the playoff hunt join in the offseason discussion early! Top Free agents, (where will they end up?): Kevin Durant DeMarcus Cousins Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson Tobias Harris Kris Middleton Jimmy Butler Kemba Walker Draft lottery - 15th of May NBA...
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    The official Bigfooty week 9 thread

    It is fair to say that the basketball world is still in shock over the events of yesterday. The Lakers hit 39% of their 3s. Attention turns to the East today as the top 2 seeds battle it out in Ronto. Leonard and his merry men of no names currently trail Spartan Yarnis and his own 300. George...
  6. AngryRanga

    The official Bigfooty week 8 thread

    compiled thread of giannis being bad at basketball
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    The official Bigfooty NBA week 6 thread - insert witty line here

    Nothing really noteworthy over night. The stench of the Green-Durant saga lingers, although slowly wafting away. Taking it's toll......perhaps this is the only way the Ws can be stopped? Enjoy your day.