The Official Bigfooty NBA 2022-3 Week 7 Thread.

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In almost a quarter of the way through the regular season, it looks like the Celtics to lose out East. The Bucks being the real only genuine threat. Everyones second team, the Cavs are balling but questions remain as to its interior defence should Allen miss more than an acceptable number of games. Giannis heaped praise on Evan Mobley after their battle, and offered this advice for the budding front court force:

If he stays humble, continues to work hard, focuses on the game and shows love to the game of basketball, he is going to be really good.

Out West, it's still phoenix and denver (who barkley predicted would win the conference).

In this weeks pointless stat:


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Magic are young, but they're stacked with guys that have god-like measurables that are reduced to just playing the perimeter.

Mostly a Mo Bamba shot, but it's wild how the Blue Coats just dismantled them in back to back games, including just toying with them tonight.

Why did Jaylen Brown play the last qtr 25+ up & we’ve got Charlotte on a b2b tomm??
Inexperience of mazzulla. Still not a fan that he doesn’t call timeouts when the oppo goes on runs.

He’d rather have the team figure it out which isn’t smart at all.

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