1. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 19 - Where we pull a Swiftie

    Bonjour, and welcome to another big week in NBA basketball. Some of the more astute among you may have noticed we didn't do a thread for last week. Cynics may have surmised that it was because All-Star week is about as exciting as extensive press coverage over juvenile friendships being ruined...
  2. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 17 - Beating the deadline. Now Week 18

    Hello, and welcome to a very special NBA week. Special not just because it's the last week before the All-star break. And special not just because we're recovering from the fallout of the trade period. But special because you, as the reader, will get an exclusive peek into the pressure that...
  3. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 14 & 15 - where the thread title lasts longer than Bruce Brown's Pacers career

    Welcome to Week 14, where the corn fields of Indiana are suddenly a destination. If New Orleans ever joins them, I think we can officially say that end times are upon us. These weekly threads are our safe space to give voice to our hopes, dreams and frustrations. On the plus side, it leaves us...
  4. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 13 - Where this thread is outrageous, full of BS and shame to Northy for allowing it

    Well, it's unlucky Week 13, which probably means we're all back at work now and forced to watch games surreptitiously on phones or spare monitors for, ahem, research purposes. Hey, how else are these threads going to get done? Of course the NBA never sleeps, no holiday seasons off for these...
  5. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 12 - where Damian Lillard is washed

    G'day, and welcome to the portion of the NBA season known colloquially as 'the grind'. No, not THAT one, Dwight - put the phone down, mate. Now that the fun and festivities of Christmas, New Year and the Lakers' prestigious IST banner unfurling are over and done with, it's time for teams to get...
  6. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 11 - Where the Pistons are on a one-game win streak

    Season's greetings Bball brothers, and welcome to the most festive week of the NBA season. If you're anything like me, you struggle mightily when it comes to choosing gifts at this time of year. It's not just fighting for parking spots, or navigating the labyrinthine shopping malls that have...
  7. Son of Skeletor

    NBA Week 10 - The Agony of Choice

    Season's greetings Bball brothers, and welcome to the most festive week of the NBA season. If you're anything like me, you struggle mightily when it comes to choosing gifts at this time of year. It's not just fighting for parking spots, or navigating the labyrinthine shopping malls that have...
  8. Son of Skeletor

    The Week 7 NBA Thread - where Coby White may soon go past Devin Booker

    Hello all, and welcome to Week 7 of the NBA - where the season proper will pause, and we'll all watch multi-millionaires play for a $500,000 prize pool. Normally our benevolent overlord peternorth would be making this OP, however work, family commitments and possible super fun sexy times...
  9. Elmer_Judd

    NBA Week 6 Thread - I'd rather anything than watch Jordan Poole

    Man that sucks. Another serious injury, this time to one of the rising young stars of the NBA. Only bright spot is that it could have been worse.
  10. D

    NBA Week 4 Thread where Clippers are 0-4 under Hardens system

    Clippers getting pantsed again. This time by the 1-8 Grizz lol 😂
  11. Elmer_Judd

    NBA Week 3 Thread

    I suppose an argument can be made that until Tatum wins a ring, Giannis still the best player in the East. But that's the only player that can be considered. Embiid certainly can't be considered given how he always chokes in the playoffs. Confident Tatum will get the most all star votes in the...
  12. P

    NBA Week 2- Where Aussies feature in 4 of 6 Monday marquee games

    In possibly what's an NBA record, the NBA has kindly scheduled 66.66666% of its Super Sunday (Marquee Monday our time) games featuring our Aussie stars. First up The defending NBA Champion Nuggets outfit host OKC. OKC averages 18 FTs/game, in contrast to Denvers 15. With Jack White just...
  13. P

    NBA Week 1 - Tip off October 25

    Arguably the most interesting game at time of publication lies in Fridays game in Philly. Currently, Jim Harden is on leave citing personal reasons. A recurring trend for the loveable beard. Prominent strip clubs in the great Philadelphia area are holding daily vigils in hope Harden will stay...
  14. P

    Live Event The Official 2023 NBA Playoffs Thread presented by Google Pixel (including the Play-Ins)

    After 82 emotional games, spanning 25 weeks, we finally made it here. The Play in games opens the post season (posted dates USA time) OKC, Memphis rested their entire roster it seemed. As did Dallas. The Knicks did not. The Lakers announced the signing of reinforcements today as well...
  15. D

    The Bigfooty Week 23 thread

    Atlanta are deadset putrid. 83 first half points and 31 second half points with a minute to go. Trae looks like he’s sooking it up BIG TIME. Edit: just noticed Trae and Collins didn’t high 5 after the FT whilst Trae and Clint did. Could be some beef there
  16. P

    The Bigfooty NBA Week 22 Thread

    Amidst the firestorm that's been Ja Morants affinity with firearms, the Nuggets have lost their last 3 games - Bulls, Spurs, Nets. But Joker got his triple double today. Freak Nets and Nuggets both shot 24 free throws. Time to celebrate Ja style
  17. P

    The Bigfooty NBA Week 15 Thread
    Threadmarks: all star

  18. P

    The Bigfooty NBA Week 13 Thread - Where NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season

    Philly have already dispatched the pesky Pistons, Jim Harden registering a triple double. Whereas in the north, The Raps took care of the Trailblazers from Portland. Portlands bench was wildly outscored. In fact Portlands only bench scoring contribution came via one 3 point bucket courtesy of...
  19. P

    The Official Bigfooty NBA 2022-3 Week 7 Thread.

    In almost a quarter of the way through the regular season, it looks like the Celtics to lose out East. The Bucks being the real only genuine threat. Everyones second team, the Cavs are balling but questions remain as to its interior defence should Allen miss more than an acceptable number of...
  20. P

    The Official Bigfooty NBA 2022-3 Week 5 Thread: Coming of Age

    In the annuls of NBA lore, greatness is thrust upon those who choose to accept when the chips are down. In basketball heartlands, legends are born. Indiana, Boston, New York. Jordan, 8th November 1984 Lebrons 52 points Now add this name to the list J. GIDDY 24 point triple double in OT...