1. Kurve

    Current Dozens exhumed from mass graves at the home of former police officer - El Salvador

    Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez who has previously been under investigation for sex crimes is a serial killer. Most of the remains being exhumed from his backyard are female, it's estimated up to forty but more people who believed their missing relatives, men and women of all ages could be among...
  2. Kurve

    Current Ex Rebels President Assassinated by Sniper Shot at the Motorplex Perth - WA

    A former motorcycle gang president has been fatally shot in front of a crowd of people at Perth's Kwinana Motorplex on Saturday night. Another man — a patched member of the Rebels gang — was shot and a five-year-old child suffered a minor injury during the shooting. WA Police have carried out a...
  3. Kurve

    Current Beating murder of Melissa Hunt - Hunter region NSW * $1 million reward

    A $1 million reward has been posted for information into the murder of Melissa Hunt, more than 26 years ago. The body of Melissa Hunt, then aged 22, was found near the weir wall of Burrenjim Dam, Bluegum Creek via Stockrington, on Monday 25 April 1994. A post mortem examination revealed she...
  4. Herne Hill Hammer

    Daughter decapitates mum in Sydney's west.

  5. Kurve

    Unsolved Murder of Victoria Cafasso - Tasmania

    This unsolved cold case has been getting quite a lot of press recently. On an open beach, in broad daylight, 20-year-old Italian tourist Victoria Cafasso lay dying. Victoria was visiting from Italy and only been there a few days. Fifty people visited Beaumaris Beach on the idyllic...
  6. Kurve

    Unsolved Murder of Marsha Johnson - Warnbo WA

    OPEN CASES Cold Cases HOMICIDE – MARSHA CAROLINE JOHNSON – WARNBRO CASE DATE: MONDAY 1 APRIL 1996 LOCATION: WARNBRO DESCRIPTION: 25 years of age. Fair skinned. 160 cm tall. Slim build. Shoulder length dark hair. Wearing a red coloured short sleeved t-shirt and dark denim shorts with a belt...
  7. Kurve

    Unsolved The Disappearance of James Crocker - South Australia

    JAMES CROCKER: Last seen May 27, 1994. There may be similarities between his disappearance and that of Daniel Shepherd in the early hours of New Years Day 1995. Some are also seeing similarities to The Family Murders through the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Caucasian appearance, 175cm...
  8. Kurve

    Current NICOLA GOBBO The Informer - Trace Podcast

    Was it ethical? Was it criminal? Was it worth it? Lawyer Nicola Gobbo represented some of Australia's most dangerous criminals, all the while secretly working as a police informer. Why did she do it, and how was it allowed to happen? When her cover was blown, the story garnered media...
  9. Kurve

    Unsolved Murder of Emma Jade Pawelski - SA

    At about 5.15 p.m. on Sunday 4 December 2005, the badly beaten and burned body of Emma Pawelski, aged 30 years, was discovered in the Mount Crawford Forrest by a bushwalker. This location was approximately 8km south east of Williamstown and off Chalks Road Mount Crawford. The area was a sealed...
  10. Kurve

    Unsolved The Execution Murders of Terry & Christine Hodson

    The recent Royal Commission into Police Informants put some focus on these murders. The Hodson's were shot dead just months before Terence Hodson was due to give evidence in a criminal trial against former Victorian drug squad detective Paul Dale. Melbourne underworld figure Carl Williams...
  11. Kurve

    Current Ricardo Barbaro grandson of Pasquale wanted by police in murder of Ellie Price

    Police believe Ricardo Barbaro could be travelling in his white 2009 Toyota Hiace van with the registration 1OZ 8PC Mr Barbaro is about 185 centimetres tall with a solid build, black hair and olive complexion Police have warned anyone harbouring or assisting Mr Barbaro could face criminal...
  12. Kurve

    Current Don't F*ck With Cats

    A new Netflix docuseries on Luka Magnotta who came to the attention of a few thoroughly disgusted cat loving amateur keyboard detectives when he posted a series of very sick online videos killing kittens. They predicted there would be an escalation from there and there was. Magnotta's last...
  13. Kurve

    Unsolved Nabil Maghnie shot dead in Epping

    Police fear revenge attacks. Underworld enforcer and considered a Melbourne crime figure Nabil Maghnie may have been bashing a standover victim just moments before he was shot and killed. Maghnie was seen lying dead next to his Mercedes utility vehicle in a suburban street in Melbourne after he...
  14. GreyCrow

    Current Matthew Tilley charged for 1993 murder of Suzanne Poll

    26 years after Suzanne Poll was brutally stabbed to death in her workplace a man has been arrested through the use of Familial DNA testing She was counting takings at the end of her shift at a stationery...
  15. Crimeobsessed

    Unsolved The mysterious death of Annette Deverell

    Has anyone heard about the case of 19-year-old girl Annette Deverell who disappeared from Mandurah in 1980 after going out to buy some smokes? Pretty interesting. New podcast is out here, 4-part series.
  16. Kurve

    Current Body found wrapped in plastic Newcastle - Strike Force Furzer is formed

    * Identified as 29 year old Danielle Easey Serial killer, organised crime or gang activity maybe. The police don't generally raise a taskforce over one body. A body has been found wrapped in plastic and floating in a creek near Newcastle. Members of the public made the grisly discovery at...
  17. Kurve

    Unsolved Janine Vaughan - Bathurst * Investigative podcast by Hedley Thomas

    Abducted 2001, never seen again. Presumed murdered. Interesting case that's been quite controversial given one of the police officers assigned to the investigation was suspected of, on record as stalking Janine and the work diary containing notes with details apparently disappeared. 31...
  18. Kurve

    Current Courtney Herron 25yo - Bashed to death in a Melbourne city park

    Courtney Herron's body was found yesterday by dog walkers in a park near the Royal Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Children's Hospital. Only about two kilometres from where Eurydice was murdered. Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper of the homicide squad said police believed Ms Herron had been...
  19. grizzlym

    Solved Israel Keyes

    Israel Keyes, in jail for the killing of an Alaska barista, gradually began confessing to US investigators that he had killed others: a couple in Vermont, four people in Washington state, someone in New York. But he was slow to come forward with details, warning investigators he would stop...
  20. Kurve

    Current Raymond Edmunds aka Mr Stinky - Serial rapist & double murderer facing 31 cold case charges

    The notorious murderer and serial rapist nicknamed Mr Stinky will face court tomorrow charged with 31 historic sex and other offences dating back to 1971. The notorious serial rapist and killer dubbed ‘Mr Stinky’ is facing 31 new charges including eight counts of rape. The 74-year-old is...