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Season Previews for the NAB League Part 1:

2018 FINISH: 9th (7-9-1 record)
2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Mitch Podhajski / 2. Daniel Mott / 3. Jake Riccardi & Curtis Taylor
2018 TEAM OF THE YEAR SELECTIONS: Mitch Podhajski, Curtis Taylor, Rhylee West
2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Rhylee West (Western Bulldogs), Jack Bytel (St Kilda), Curtis Taylor (North Melbourne), Lachlan Sholl (Adelaide)
  • Selected in 2004: Lynden Dunn (Melbourne/Collingwood) 165/31 games, Eddie Betts (Carlton/Adelaide) 184/111
  • 2005: Richard Douglas (Adelaide) 237
  • 2008: Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide/Western Bulldogs) 153/16, Shaun McKernan (Adelaide/Essendon) 34/28
  • 2009: Jake Melksham (Essendon/Melbourne) 114/42, Daniel Talia (Adelaide) 164, Jake Carlisle (Essendon/St Kilda) 85/39
  • 2010: Dion Prestia (Gold Coast/Richmond) 95/35, Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs) 123, Cameron Guthrie (Geelong) 141, Tom Liberatore (Western Bulldogs) 117
  • 2011: Brandon Ellis (Richmond) 153, Tom Sheridan (Fremantle/GWS) 81/0
  • 2012: Lachlan Plowman (GWS/Carlton) 20/53, Joe Daniher (Essendon) 100, Rory Atkins (Adelaide) 77
  • 2014: Paul Ahern (GWS/North Melbourne) 0/11, Peter Wright (Gold Coast) 49, Jake Lever (Adelaide/Melbourne) 56/11, Touk Miller (Gold Coast) 82, Roarke Smith* (Western Bulldogs) 12, Reilly O’Brien* (Adelaide) 2
  • 2015: Callum Moore* (Richmond) 6
  • 2016: Mitchell Lewis (Hawthorn) 2, Ben Ronke* (Sydney) 18, Zach Guthrie* (Geelong) 16
  • 2017: Noah Balta (Richmond) 0
  • Level 2 (18yo): Daniel Mott, Brodie Newman
  • Level 1 (17yo): Campbell Edwardes
2019 HEAD COACH: Ross Smith (second season)
2019 SEASON START: vs Sandringham Dragons @ RSEA Park, Sunday March 24

Daniel Mott
(local club – Brunswick): “Daniel is a Rolls Royce as an inside and outside midfielder. He has silky skills on both sides of the body and is a tough clearance player who can rack up eight to 10 clearances per game. He needs to continue working on his speed because he probably lacks a yard of pace at this stage, but he’s probably our most skilled player.”
Brodie Newman (Aberfeldie): “Brodie came to us as a forward but has mostly played down back, so he can play at both ends of the ground. I think he’s more of a key defender, but I’m not sure whether he’ll continue to grow enough to stay in that role. He reads the play well and has really good hands for marking the ball in defence.”
Sam Ramsay (Gisborne): “Sam is a quick and versatile player who carries the ball and is a long, penetrating left-foot kick. He’s well suited to playing off half back or a wing and has also been able to kick goals as a small forward.”
Sam Graham (19yo in 2019, Gisborne): “Sam is an outside midfielder who can also go inside the contests. He has a huge tank (endurance) and good speed, he’s a nice, long kick and he’s pretty tough. AFL clubs probably want to see him get a harder edge to his game and win a fair bit more of the ball this year.”
Joshua Kemp (19yo, Aberfeldie): “Josh came into our program halfway through last season and played six games as a forward. He’s a high-flying excitement machine who does one or two things a game that are jaw-dropping, but he probably needs to have more impact throughout games. AFL clubs just haven’t seen enough of him yet.”
Tye Browning (19yo, Craigieburn): “Tye is a midfielder who mostly plays on the wing. He’s very hard at the ball, he has deceptive speed and he’s a good trainer as well – he never misses a session. He probably needs to continue working on his skills; he’s a pretty good kick, but they’re probably not at the absolute top-end yet.”
Mason Fletcher (19yo, Aberfeldie): “Mason showed a lot of promise in our first three games last season but then had some back issues that hampered him for most of the year. He’s spent most of his pre-season at Essendon going through rehab and he’s very much in the mould of his old man (former Bombers AFL defender Dustin Fletcher).”

“Our leaders will come from the top-age group – players like Daniel Mott (see above) and Brodie Newman (see above). Brodie was one of our emerging leaders last year, so I imagine he’d be in the mix again. Curtis Brown (18yo, Macleod) is a good kid who’s shown some leadership potential this year and I think Jacob Martin (18yo, Aberfeldie) has the potential to be our leadership group too.”

Mason Fletcher
(see above) and Max Fletcher (17yo, PEGS): Sons of former AFL player Dustin Fletcher – 400 games for Essendon.
Oliver Liberatore (18yo, St Bernard’s): Son of former AFL player Tony Liberatore – 283 games for Western Bulldogs – and brother of current AFL player Tom Liberatore – 117 games for Western Bulldogs.
Cobi West (16yo, Strathmore) and Cooper West (16yo, Strathmore): Sons of former AFL player Scott West – 324 games for Western Bulldogs – and brothers of 2018 Western Bulldogs draftee Rhylee West.
Joshua Misiti (16yo, Aberfeldie): Son of former AFL player Joe Misiti – 236 games for Essendon.
Harrison Minton-Connell (18yo, Aberfeldie): Son of former AFL player Simon Minton-Connell – 19 games for Carlton/46 for Sydney/22 for Hawthorn/25 for Western Bulldogs.
Jacob Martin (see above): Son of former AFL player Michael Martin – 48 games for Western Bulldogs/10 for Brisbane.

“We’ve been lacking a lot of height across the board the last few years and we were the smallest side on average in the competition last season, so there’s been a real push to bring in some taller kids and a lot of them are developing nicely. We also had a lot of 17-year-olds play last year and I think those boys are going to be a lot better this year because of that development. We’ll have some draftable talent with some serious AFL traits.”

2018 FINISH: 10th (7-9-1 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Josh D’Intinosante / 2. Braedyn Gillard / 3. Adam Carafa


2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Justin McInerney (Sydney), Tom McKenzie* (North Melbourne)


  • Selected in 2003: Heath Shaw (Collingwood/GWS) 173/109 games
  • 2007: Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton) 173, Trent Cotchin (Richmond) 220
  • 2008: Michael Hurley (Essendon) 160, David Zaharakis (Essendon) 187
  • 2009: Dylan Grimes (Richmond) 127
  • 2010: Josh Caddy (Gold Coast/Geelong/Richmond) 24/71/44
  • 2011: Billy Longer (Brisbane/St Kilda) 9/56, Jack Newnes (St Kilda) 135, Dylan Buckley (Carlton/GWS) 39/2
  • 2012: Nick Vlastuin (Richmond) 117, Aidan Corr (GWS) 75, Nathan Hrovat (Western Bulldogs/North Melbourne) 30/34
  • 2013: Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs) 104
  • 2014: Kyle Langford (Essendon) 47, Jayden Short* (Richmond) 56, Jason Castagna* (Richmond) 52
  • 2015: Jade Gresham (St Kilda) 62, Brayden Fiorini (Gold Coast) 26, Brayden Sier (Collingwood) 12, Darcy Macpherson* (Gold Coast) 17
  • 2016: Patrick Lipinski (Western Bulldogs) 18
  • 2017: Nick Coffield (St Kilda) 10, Patrick Naish (Richmond) 0, Jack Petruccelle (West Coast) 3

  • Level 2 (18yo): Adam Carafa, Ryan Gardner, Lachlan Potter, Ryan Sturgess
  • Level 1 (17yo): Ben Major
2019 HEAD COACH: Justin Wenke (third season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Western Jets @ IKON Park, Sunday March 24


Ryan Gardner (local club – Montmorency): “Ryan basically missed two whole years of football in his under-15 and under-16 seasons with stress fractures in his foot. Last year he had a flawless pre-season and his first half of the season was sensational, which earned him a game in the Vic Metro under-18 side. He’s a classy midfielder/half back with good pace and a good sidestep. He also uses the ball really well and makes smart decisions.”

Ryan Sturgess (St Mary’s): “Ryan played across half back for us for pretty much all of 2018. He was in our leadership group and actually captained the side one day as a bottom-ager, which speaks highly of his leadership ability. He’s a modern half back – he’s 190cm tall with good speed off the mark and he kicks the ball very well. His intercepting and rebound play are his main attributes.”

Adam Carafa (Banyule): “Adam missed his whole under-16 season with a shoulder reconstruction and then came third in our best-and-fairest last year despite playing only 11 games. He showed how classy he is as a strong-bodied midfielder who thrives on contested ball and is really clean in the contests. His point of difference is that he can go forward and be quite a handful as well.”

Lachlan Potter (South Morang): “Lachlan might be the quickest player in the competition. He has one of the most electric turns of foot I’ve ever seen. He’s a classic run-and-carry half-back flanker who’s not afraid to take the game on, and in every match he seems to do some eye-catching things with his speed. Spectators will have some fun watching him this year.”

Josh D’Intinosante (West Preston): “Josh won our best-and-fairest last year as a bottom-ager and just wills himself into every game. He plays with a great mix of determination and courage but also has natural talent. He’s 175cm tall and can go through the midfield but will also spend a fair bit of time playing as a small forward. He’s strong in the contests and is a classy, one-touch player around goals with elite forward pressure.”


Sam Philp (St Mary’s): “Sam finished fourth in our best-and-fairest last year. He lost about six weeks in the middle part of the year with a broken hand and then finished the season basically carrying our midfield as a bottom-ager along with Adam Carafa. He’s a strong-bodied midfielder with an explosive burst of pace who will always be in and under winning clearances and getting the ball to our outside players.”

Nathan Howard (Greensborough): “Nathan is a 200cm ruckman from a basketball background. He played six games in the second half of last season for us and showed great potential. He has improved again over the pre-season and has started well in our practice matches, so we’re bullish about his prospects this year”.


Nikolas Cox (Montmorency): “Nik stands 199cm but he’s probably likely to play on the wing or off half back. He came second in our 2km time trial, he kicks the ball really well both feet and has great movement and game awareness for a tall. He also has really high football IQ but is still developing and will need to continue putting on size. We think he’s a pretty exciting prospect.”


Ryan Gardner (see above) and Ryan Sturgess (see above) were both in the leadership group last year and they’ve been showing their leadership on the training track this pre-season, while Lucas Perry (18yo in 2019, Northcote Park) is returning from missing all of last year with a shoulder injury and he’s had a quality pre-season. Jackson Davies (18yo, St Mary’s) is another who shows his leadership through his determination and effort on the field and in training. We’re fairly blessed with a proactive group that can spread the load with leadership this year.”


Ewan Macpherson (17yo, Diamond Creek): Son of former AFL player Stephen Macpherson – 188 games for Western Bulldogs – and brother of current AFL player Darcy Macpherson – 17 games for Gold Coast.

Mackenzie Hogg (17yo, Research): Son of former AFL player Matthew Hogg – 59 games for Western Bulldogs/114 for Carlton.

Xavier Naish (18yo, Ivanhoe): Son of former AFL player Chris Naish – 143 games for Richmond/18 for Port Adelaide – and brother of 2017 Richmond AFL draftee Patrick Naish.

Aaron Castagna (18yo, Marcellin Old Collegians): Brother of current AFL player Jason Castagna – 52 games for Richmond.

Adam Carafa (see above): Son of former AFL player Tony Carafa – 16 games for Fitzroy.


“I think we’ll be pretty exciting with our rebound from defence and our desire to run and carry and take the game on, but I also think we have some good strong-bodied inside midfielders. Hopefully we can match the opposition at stoppages and then get it to our good ball-users on the outside.”

2018 FINISH: 11th (2-16 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Mitch Mellis / 2. Kye Quirk / 3. Joel Burleigh


  • Selected in 2002: Kade Simpson (Carlton) 307 games
  • 2007: Matthew Lobbe (Port Adelaide/Carlton) 92/6
  • 2008: Liam Shiels (Hawthorn) 186, Rory Sloane (Adelaide) 177
  • 2010: Aaron Young (Port Adelaide/Gold Coast) 76/22, Paul Seedsman (Collingwood/Adelaide) 49/39
  • 2011: Jonathon Patton (GWS) 89, Hayden Crozier (Fremantle/Western Bulldogs) 69/17
  • 2013: Tom Boyd (GWS/Western Bulldogs) 9/52, Daniel McStay (Brisbane) 79
  • 2014: Christian Petracca (Melbourne) 63
  • 2015: Sam Weideman (Melbourne) 20, Ryan Clarke (North Melbourne/Sydney) 40/0, Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn) 44, James Parsons* (Geelong) 31
  • 2016: Jordan Gallucci (Adelaide) 17, Joshua Begley (Essendon) 8, Callum Brown (Collingwood) 13, Jack Maibaum (Sydney) 0, Dylan Clarke (Essendon) 1
  • 2017: Adam Cerra (Fremantle) 21, Jaidyn Stephenson (Collingwood) 26, Sam Hayes (Port Adelaide) 0, Tyler Brown (Collingwood) 0, Ryley Stoddart (Sydney) 2, Joel Garner (Port Adelaide) 0, Tom North (Fremantle) 0, Dylan Moore (Hawthorn) 0, Jackson Ross (Hawthorn) 0, Trent Mynott* (Essendon) 0

  • Level 2 (18yo): Jamieson Rossiter
2019 HEAD COACH: Darren Bewick (10th season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Oakleigh Chargers @ RSEA Park, Sunday March 24


Jamieson Rossiter (local club – Rowville Hawks): “Jamieson only played two games last year due to foot injuries, but he kicked six goals in one match and two in the other on limited game time. He’s pretty much back to full fitness now. We’ll probably use him in a goalkicking role combined with some time as a big-bodied midfielder this year. He’s very mobile, a very smart player and he uses the ball extremely well.”

Mitch Mellis (Boronia): “Mitch won our best-and-fairest as a bottom-ager in 2018 playing predominantly on a wing. He’s in the mid-170s (centimetres) for height, so he probably has to push forward more this year to impact the scoreboard and show his forward pressure. We think he’s creative and smart enough to have an impact as a small forward.”

Lachlan Stapleton (Rowville Hawks): “Lachlan is a midfielder who finished in the top five of our best-and-fairest as a bottom-ager last year. He quite easily averaged more tackles per game than any other player in the competition in 2018, so he’s a tackling machine but also really good in tight with his hands and his vision. He’s the ultimate professional off the field as well.”

Cody Hirst (19yo in 2019, Lilydale): “Cody had a big bottom-age season two years ago but his top-age year in 2018 was hampered by shoulder and knee injuries. He’s a strong-running midfielder/half forward who has pace to burn and his intensity at the footy and the man is 100 per cent. He broke (Fremantle AFL player) Stephen Hill’s agility-test record late last year coming off that knee injury.”

James Blanck (19yo, Park Orchards): “James tested really well at the AFL Draft Combine last year but 2018 was his first year with us, so he was coming from a fair way back and learned a lot about what’s required at this level. Intercept-marking is his strength; he reads the ball really well and backs himself to take marks. He’s had to work on bulking up to match it with big, strong key forwards.”


Mihaele Zalac (Donvale): “Mihaele played 10 games for us last year and his pre-season has been first class. He’s around 190cm tall and can play forward or defensively in key positions and also on a wing or through the midfield. He’s a really athletic, explosive player and has put some bulk on his frame this year. His intensity at training has been on another level at times.”


Salele Feagaimalii (Vermont): “Salele played for the Vic Metro under-16 team last year and has been having a really strong pre-season. He’s a big, strong-bodied midfielder of Pacific-islander background. His skills on both sides of his body are sublime and his composure in close and ability to find a teammate in traffic is as good as I’ve seen. He’s not easily tackled or knocked off the ball either.”


James Ross (18yo, Vermont – see tweet below) is our captain for this year and the rest of the leadership group consists of Jonte Duffy (18yo, Rowville Hawks), Jamieson Rossiter (see above), Chayce Black (18yo, Waverley Park Hawks), Billy McCormack (18yo, Donvale) and Jarrod Gilbee (18yo, Mooroolbark).”

Chayce Black
(see above): Son of former AFL player Heath Black – 138 games for Fremantle/54 for St Kilda.
Billy McCormack (see above): Son of former AFL player Brendan McCormack – 44 games for Fitzroy/12 for Brisbane.
Todd Garner (18yo, Wandin): Brother of 2017 Port Adelaide draftee Joel Garner.
Jarrod Gilbee (see above): Nephew of former AFL player Lindsay Gilbee – 206 games for Western Bulldogs.

“I think we’ll be a lot stronger physically across the board this year – that’s definitely been a focus. We got manhandled sometimes last year, as we were pretty lightly-framed as a group. Getting the conditioning to run out games has been a focus as well; we dropped away in the second half consistently in 2018. We were also very bottom-age-heavy, but we’re a lot more top-age-heavy this year. I’d definitely be expecting a few more wins than in 2018.”

2018 FINISH: 12th (2-15 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Noah Wheeler / 2. Bailey Henderson / 3. Hunter Lawrence

2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Jye Caldwell (GWS)


  • Selected in 2006: Joel Selwood (Geelong) 272 games, Jarryn Geary* (St Kilda) 183
  • 2007: Robbie Tarrant (North Melbourne) 126, Scott Selwood (West Coast/Geelong) 135/32
  • 2009: Dustin Martin (Richmond) 201
  • 2012: Jake Stringer (Western Bulldogs/Essendon) 89/20, Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide) 129
  • 2015: Tom Cole (West Coast) 27, Aidyn Johnson (Port Adelaide) 10
  • 2016: Joseph Atley (Port Adelaide) 3, Kobe Mutch (Essendon) 3, Kayle Kirby (Collingwood) 1, Fergus Greene (Western Bulldogs) 5
  • 2017: Paddy Dow (Carlton) 20, Lochie O’Brien (Carlton) 18, Jarrod Brander (West Coast) 1, Brent Daniels (GWS) 7, Kane Farrell (Port Adelaide) 5, Angus Schumacher (Carlton) 0, Derek Eggmolesse-Smith* (Richmond) 0

  • Level 2 (18yo): Thomson Dow, Aaron Gundry, Brodie Kemp, Flynn Perez, James Schischka
  • Level 1 (17yo): Sam Conforti
2019 HEAD COACH: Rick Coburn (third season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Geelong Falcons @ Central Reserve (Colac), Sunday March 24


Flynn Perez (local club – Sandhurst): “Flynn suffered an ACL injury prior to Christmas at Vic Country Academy training and is in rehab, but he has a great attitude. He came under notice with his performances last year and he’s certainly one of the leaders of the group. He’s a hybrid player who can go back, forward or through the midfield and has pretty good skills on both sides of his body.”

Brodie Kemp (Echuca): “Brodie stands 190cm-plus and he’s another hybrid player who can play as a key forward or key back. He played really well at centre half back for Vic Country last year against Western Australia (at the NAB AFL U18 Championships). He’s really good overhead and pretty clean below his knees, and he’s also a good set shot for goal. He’ll mainly train at his school Geelong Grammar this year.”

Thomson Dow (Swan Hill): “Thomson goes to Geelong Grammar as well, so we’ll have him and Brodie at the start of the season before school footy starts. Thomson is a midfielder who can also play forward and kick goals. He’s from a basketball background, so he has good peripheral vision, really quick hands and good decision-making ability. He’s a pretty complete player and has really developed his body recently.”

James Schischka (Strathfieldsaye): “James is around 190cm tall and can play at half forward or half back, so he’s not dissimilar to Brodie in some ways. He has really good skills and great game awareness, he reads the play really well and he’s a good decision-maker. He’s really working on his fitness and pushing hard to improve his own performance standards.”


Braydon Vaz (Golden Square): “Braydon is around 190cm tall and pretty similar to Brodie Kemp and James Schischka (see above) in that he can play forward or back. He’s pretty athletic and agile and he has a good leap – he took a really good mark against the Gippsland Power at Windy Hill last year (see below). We think he’ll develop through the season.”


Sam Conforti (Sandhurst): “Sam was a co-captain of the Vic Country under-16 team last year. He’s a highly skilled left-footer who can play as an inside or outside midfielder and also as a small forward.”


“I think the top-age boys I’ve mentioned are in the mix to be part of the leadership group, although it’ll be a bit hard for Brodie Kemp (see above) and Thomson Dow (see above) being at Geelong Grammar because we won’t see much of them. Flynn Perez (see above) will still be actively involved in our program in a leadership role despite his injury; he’ll be filling different game-day roles as part of his development.”


Thomson Dow (see above): Brother of current AFL player Paddy Dow – 20 games for Carlton.


“We’re going to have a stronger top-age group than we had last year and I think we have a bit of versatility with our key-position players.”

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Season Previews Part 2:

2018 FINISH: 8th (6-12 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Sam Walsh / 2. Brayden Ham / 3. Oscar Brownless

2018 TEAM OF THE YEAR SELECTIONS: Connor Idun, Sam Walsh

2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Sam Walsh (Carlton), Edward McHenry (Adelaide), Connor Idun (GWS), Brayden Ham (Essendon), Oscar Brownless (Geelong), Blake Schlensog* (Geelong)


  • Selected in 2001: Luke Hodge (Hawthorn/Brisbane) 305/19 games, Gary Ablett jnr (Geelong/Gold Coast/Geelong) 192/110/19
  • 2004: Jordan Lewis (Hawthorn/Melbourne) 264/43
  • 2005: Shaun Higgins (Western Bulldogs/North Melbourne) 129/74
  • 2006: Travis Boak (Port Adelaide) 243, Will Schofield (West Coast) 176
  • 2007: Lachlan Henderson (Brisbane/Carlton/Geelong) 15/102/48, Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide/Geelong) 154/70, Jack Steven (St Kilda) 176
  • 2009: Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne) 187, Gary Rohan (Sydney/Geelong) 106/0, Jasper Pittard (Port Adelaide/North Melbourne) 126/0, Allen Christensen (Geelong/Brisbane) 65/55
  • 2010: Luke Dahlhaus* (Western Bulldogs/Geelong) 154/0, Josh Walker* (Geelong/Brisbane) 33/41
  • 2011: Taylor Adams (GWS/Collingwood) 31/89, Devon Smith (GWS/Essendon) 109/22, Jed Bews (Geelong) 71
  • 2012: Mason Wood (North Melbourne) 39
  • 2013: Darcy Lang (Geelong/Carlton) 44/11, Darcy Gardiner (Brisbane) 82, Lewis Taylor (Brisbane) 107
  • 2014: Paddy McCartin (St Kilda) 35, Hugh Goddard (St Kilda/Carlton) 10/0, Teia Miles (Hawthorn) 12, Jackson Nelson (West Coast) 42, Zaine Cordy (Western Bulldogs) 48, Lewis Melican* (Sydney) 20
  • 2015: Darcy Parish (Essendon) 55, Charlie Curnow (Carlton) 47, Tom Doedee (Adelaide) 20, Rhys Mathieson (Brisbane) 37
  • 2016: Alex Witherden (Brisbane) 30, Sean Darcy (Fremantle) 15, Jack Henry* (Geelong) 22, Sam Simpson* (Geelong) 6
  • 2017: Matthew Ling (Sydney) 0, Tom McCartin (Sydney) 15, James Worpel (Hawthorn) 11, Gryan Miers (Geelong) 0

  • Level 2 (18yo): Jesse Clark, Cooper Stephens
  • Level 1 (17yo): Tanner Bruhn, Noah Gadsby, Henry Walsh
2019 HEAD COACH: Luke Daffy (first season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Bendigo Pioneers @ Central Reserve (Colac), Sunday March 24


Cooper Stephens (local club – Colac): “Cooper played for Vic Country (in the NAB AFL U18 Championships) last year and by the end of the U18 Boys season he was very strong as an inside midfielder. We let him do the inside work while (2018 AFL draftees) Sam Walsh and Ned McHenry were more on the outside. He’s going to be up around the 190cm mark for height and he has good skills and a good attitude.”

Jesse Clark (St Joseph’s): “Jesse played almost every game for us last year. He’s more of a half-back flanker or third tall defender who’s a very good one-on-one player and gives us a lot of rebound off half back. He’s a good decision-maker and he generally uses the ball well. We expect pretty big things of him this year.”

Charlie Sprague (19yo in 2019, Barwon Heads): “Charlie played in our premiership side in 2017 and then injured his hand playing for Geelong College last year. We got him back playing at the end of the season but it was a bit late for him draft-wise. He’s a third tall forward and AFL clubs would want to see him roll through the midfield this year.”


Lochlan Hocking (19yo, local club TBC): “Lochie started with us recently after coming over from South Australia. He’s a half-back flanker who we hope will develop into a midfielder. If he’s anywhere near as good as his old man (former Geelong AFL player Garry Hocking), we’ll be happy. We hear he’s pretty tough like Garry, so that’s a good thing.”


Tanner Bruhn (Newtown & Chilwell): “Tanner is going to miss a fair chunk of the season with a knee injury. He played four games for us at the end of last season and there have only been two other 16-year-olds who have played for the under-18 Falcons: Luke Hodge and Hugh Goddard. He’s an inside midfielder we rate highly.”

Noah Gadsby (Torquay): “Noah is a running machine who’s a very good ball-carrier. He’s a great athlete who does athletics at Geelong Grammar.”

Henry Walsh (St Joseph’s): “Henry is (2018 Carlton AFL draftee) Sam Walsh’s brother but he’s over 200cm (Sam is 184cm). He’s a developing forward/ruck.”


Cooper Stephens (see above) and Jesse Clark (see above) are good leaders and they’ll be our captains this year. They talk when they have to, but they’re more in the mould of (2018 Falcons co-captains) Sam Walsh and Oscar Brownless and (2017 co-captain) James Worpel before them – they lead by example and train hard.

Charlie Lazzaro (17yo, St Mary’s), Tanner Bruhn (see above), Charlie Harris (18yo, Newtown & Chilwell), Jay Dahlhaus (18yo, St Mary’s) and Keidan Rayner (18yo, St Mary’s) will also be in the leadership group.”


Lochlan Hocking (see above): Son of former AFL player Garry Hocking – 274 games for Geelong.

Jay Dahlhaus (see above): Cousin of current AFL player Luke Dahlhaus – 154 AFL games for Western Bulldogs/traded to Geelong for 2019.

William Kilpatrick (17yo, Drysdale): Son of former AFL player Glenn Kilpatrick – 26 games for Essendon/120 for Geelong.

Sam Christensen (19yo, St Mary’s): Son of former AFL player Marty Christensen – 69 games for Geelong/two for North Melbourne.

Sam Witherden (17yo, St Joseph’s): Brother of current AFL player Alex Witherden – 30 games for Brisbane.

Oliver Henry (17yo, St Mary’s): Brother of current AFL player Jack Henry – 22 games for Geelong.

Thomas Richardson (18yo, Ocean Grove): Son of former AFL player Adam Richardson – two games for Adelaide.

Henry Walsh (see above): Brother of 2018 Carlton draftee Sam Walsh.

Sheldon Ham (18yo, Torquay): Brother of 2018 Essendon AFL draftee Brayden Ham.


“We’re starting to become a bit like the Oakleigh Chargers and Sandringham Dragons, with a lot of our boys missing for half the season due to school football commitments at Geelong College, Geelong Grammar and St Joseph’s. When our best side is on the field though, I think we’ll have a pretty strong team. We have a very strong running group and a lot more depth this year than last year.”


  • Selected in 2005: Grant Birchall (Hawthorn) 245 games
  • 2006: Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) 249
  • 2007: Tom Bellchambers (Essendon) 104
  • 2008: Liam Jones (Western Bulldogs/Carlton) 66/46, Mitch Robinson (Carlton/Brisbane) 100/68
  • 2010: Andrew Phillips* (GWS/Carlton) 14/22
  • 2011: Jimmy Webster (St Kilda) 85
  • 2012: Jackson Thurlow (Geelong/Sydney) 46/0
  • 2013: Kade Kolodjashnij (Gold Coast/Melbourne) 78/0, Toby Nankervis (Sydney/Richmond) 12/44, Alex Pearce (Fremantle) 42, Jake Kolodjashnij (Geelong) 47
  • 2017: Hugh Dixon (Fremantle) 0
  • 2018: Tarryn Thomas (North Melbourne), Chayce Jones (Adelaide), Fraser Turner (Richmond)

  • Level 2 (18yo): Jared Dakin, Mitch O’Neill, Will Peppin
  • Level 1 (17yo): Jackson Callow, Sam Collins, Oliver Davis
2019 HEAD COACH: Adrian Fletcher

2019 SEASON START: vs Swans Academy @ Blacktown International Sportspark, Saturday March 30


Mitch O’Neill (local club – North Hobart): “Mitch has previously played on a wing and is a high possession-winner. He’ll take on the challenge of playing more as an inside midfielder this year, but he’s highly football-intelligent and a competitor who just wants to play. He’s certainly at the top of the tree for us at the moment.”


Will Peppin (North Hobart): “Will has a strong combination of speed and endurance and is developing well as an inside midfielder after performing strongly as a half back last year. He’s strong overhead and has a good leap, and we’re looking forward to his continued growth throughout the season.”

Matt McGuinness (19yo in 2019, Lauderdale): “Matt is a tall, rangy half back who’s still quite raw and quite light, but I think he could really bob up over the course of the season. He could potentially push up the ground into the midfield and the forward line this year. He’s a Next Generation Academy player for North Melbourne.”


Jackson Callow (North Launceston): “Jackson is a tall marking forward who has a great set of hands and is a strong competitor in the air. He has great aerobic capacity for a player of his type; you probably wouldn’t expect him to run the numbers he does in endurance testing. I think we’ll also throw him down back this year.”

Sam Collins (North Hobart): “Sam is a nice, neat little player who wins a lot of the ball and is highly skilful. I think he has the skill to play various roles – at half back, through the midfield and across half forward as well. He has a lot of footy smarts.”


“Having not had the privilege of being able to play week in and week out in a competition of this level, I think (Tasmania’s inclusion in the NAB League Boys) will only benefit the kids down here. It’ll give them the realisation of where they fit in the scheme of things and allow them to compare themselves with kids playing in a competition that delivers a fair amount of the draft numbers every year.

“Once we get into the cut and thrust of games, it’ll really paint a picture of where we fit. It’ll probably be a year where we’re looking for a few players to bob up over the course of the season.”

2018 FINISH: 7th (6-11-1 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Charlie Wilson / 2. Matt Schnerring / 3. Elliott Lamb


2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Thomas Berry (Brisbane)


  • Selected in 2006: Nathan Brown (Collingwood/St Kilda) 130/37 games, James Frawley (Melbourne/Hawthorn) 139/68, Shaun Grigg (Carlton/Richmond) 43/171
  • 2008: Jordan Roughead (Western Bulldogs/Collingwood) 138/0
  • 2009: David Astbury (Richmond) 107, Matt Dea (Richmond/Essendon) 31/39
  • 2010: Tom McDonald (Melbourne) 146, Jeremy Cameron (GWS) 130
  • 2011: Seb Ross (St Kilda) 102, Brad Crouch (Adelaide) 61
  • 2012: Martin Gleeson (Essendon) 69, Jake Lloyd* (Sydney) 115
  • 2013: Matt Crouch (Adelaide) 90
  • 2014: Oscar McDonald (Melbourne) 62, Dan Butler (Richmond) 38
  • 2015: Jacob Hopper (GWS) 44, Daniel Rioli (Richmond) 55, Darcy Tucker (Fremantle) 48
  • 2016: Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane) 40, Jarrod Berry (Brisbane) 37, Cedric Cox (Brisbane) 12, Willem Drew (Port Adelaide) 0, Tom Williamson (Carlton) 15, Jamaine Jones* (Geelong) 7
  • 2017: Lloyd Meek (Fremantle) 0, Flynn Appleby* (Collingwood) 9

  • Level 2 (18yo): Isaac Wareham
  • Level 1 (17yo): Nick Stevens
2019 HEAD COACH: Marc Greig (second season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Dandenong Stingrays @ MARS Stadium, Saturday March 23


Izaac Grant (local club – Hepburn): “Izaac had some great games last year – he kicked seven goals in one game and I don’t think too many 17-year-olds have done that. He certainly knows where the goals are as a deep forward, but we will help develop him to play in different positions this year. To do that, he’s been working really hard on his running and he’s a bit stronger in the body as well.”

Isaac Wareham (Terang-Mortlake): “Isaac’s development over the last six to 10 months has been really good. He went from a shy 17-year-old who was just happy to make the Rebels squad to playing some good games late last season. He has some really good running capabilities – his GPS numbers from his last two games were the highest for metres-per-minute in the competition last year.”

James Cleaver (19yo in 2019, Hamilton Kangaroos): “James had a really good second half of 2018 in his first year in our program. His athletic attributes are well above average and we think he can play different roles on the field. He’s also a full-time trainee at the Rebels this year and we’ve had some great success with past trainees like Matt Crouch, Rowan Marshall, Darcy Tucker and Lloyd Meek.”

Matty Lloyd (19yo, Horsham Demons): “Matty unfortunately broke his ankle around Christmas in 2017 and he wasn’t running for 10-12 weeks, so a large chunk of last season was gone by the time he was fully fit. He has some attributes that AFL clubs like and he’s a good character as well. He’ll play more of a midfield role this year.”

Jed Hill (19yo, Ballarat): “Jed is probably still an underdeveloped player physically, but he certainly has some attributes that AFL clubs like. He’s a bit stronger this pre-season and he’s working full-time on the tools, which we’ve seen some benefits from. He plays well up forward, but we want to increase his impact in games through different roles.”


Jay Rantall (South Warrnambool): “Jay played basketball for Australia last year and he looks a likely type. He played some senior local games late in 2018 and this year he’s concentrating solely on football. We’ve noticed over the pre-season that he has ability and we think AFL clubs really like his athletic traits.”

Liam Herbert (South Warrnambool): “Liam also played Australian basketball last year, but he unfortunately had shin splints and couldn’t go over to the World Cup with Jay. He played one game for us late last year and his pre-season has been really good. Liam and Jay are both medium-sized midfielders with high work ethic and good game sense.”


Nick Stevens (East Point): “Nick is attending Geelong College this year, so we won’t have access to him too much due to school football commitments. He played some good football last year for the Vic Country under-16 team. He’s a good size and shape and he has a great work ethic and good skills, but he’s a work in progress.”


“We have some really good characters in Cooper Craig-Peters (18yo, Redan) and Patrick Glanford (18yo, Mount Clear) who have been standing out in the pre-season, as well as a couple of our 19-year-olds. Izaac Grant (see above) is another one who’s been stepping up with his leadership.”


Izaac Grant (see above): Son of former AFL player Jamie Grant – five games for Western Bulldogs – and nephew of former AFL player Chris Grant – 341 games for Western Bulldogs.

Matty Lloyd (see above): Brother of current AFL player Jake Lloyd – 114 games for Sydney.

Nick Caris (18yo, Horsham Saints): Brother of 2018 Geelong AFL Women’s draftee Rene Caris.


“We are light-on for high-end draft talent, but we’ve identified some key areas to work on from last year which will see improvement across our entire playing squad both on and off the ground.

“Our key leaders have outstanding values and work ethic, which will help continue to drive the team throughout the season. We’ve also invested heavily in more coaching staff, so our skill fundamentals are getting developed further throughout the week at training.”

2018 FINISH: 6th (10-8 record)

2018 BEST AND FAIREST: 1. Connor Thar / 2. Xavier O’Halloran / 3. Jack Watkins

2018 TEAM OF THE YEAR SELECTIONS: Buku Khamis, Xavier O’Halloran

2018 AFL DRAFTEES: Zak Butters (Port Adelaide), Xavier O’Halloran (GWS), Buku Khamis* (Western Bulldogs)


  • Selected in 2003: Michael Rischitelli (Brisbane/Gold Coast) 111/125 games
  • 2006: Bachar Houli (Essendon/Richmond) 26/159
  • 2007: Callan Ward (Western Bulldogs/GWS) 60/156
  • 2009: Trent McKenzie (Gold Coast/Port Adelaide) 106/1, Majak Daw* (North Melbourne) 50
  • 2011: Will Hoskin-Elliott (GWS/Collingwood) 52/48, Adam Kennedy (GWS) 92
  • 2012: Lachlan Hunter (Western Bulldogs) 105
  • 2013: James Sicily (Hawthorn) 60
  • 2014: Liam Duggan (West Coast) 70, Corey Ellis (Richmond/Gold Coast) 27/0, Jayden Laverde (Essendon) 30, Connor Menadue (Richmond) 33
  • 2016: Daniel Venables (West Coast) 15
  • 2017: Cameron Rayner (Brisbane) 22, Lachlan Fogarty (Geelong) 15, Tristan Xerri (North Melbourne) 0

  • Level 2 (18yo): Darcy Cassar, Josh Honey, Emerson Jeka
  • Level 1 (17yo): Eddie Ford
2019 HEAD COACH: Ryan O’Keefe (first season)

2019 SEASON START: vs Northern Knights @ IKON Park, Sunday March 24


Emerson Jeka (local club – Altona Juniors): “Emerson is a 198cm key-position player who made the Vic Metro squad last year but didn’t play in the (NAB AFL) U18 Championships because of injury. He’s a lead-up forward who will give us significant impact in one-on-one contests in the air and on the ground. He kicks really well on both feet and is a really good decision-maker.”

Darcy Cassar (Keilor): “Darcy showed last year that he has the potential to play in any position on the ground. He’s a smart player and is able to win the ball in quantity and make a significant impact when he has it. We’re looking for him to hit the scoreboard while starting the season playing as a midfielder.”

Josh Honey (Keilor): “Josh really made an impact as a bottom-ager last year. He’s not the tallest player but he’s really well built with great speed and power. Like Darcy, we hope to see Josh develop into an elite midfielder who also makes an impact going forward. He’s a really nice user of the ball on his right foot.”


Saad El-Hawli (Altona Juniors): “Saad is a member of the Western Bulldogs’ Next Generation Academy who has come into the squad this year. He’ll play off half forward and he knows where the goals are. He has elite football smarts and really good agility and speed.”


Eddie Ford (Yarraville Seddon Eagles): “Eddie really impressed at the (AFL) U16 Championships last year. He knows how find his own ball and make an impact with it. He’s a really nice user of the ball by hand and foot and is a strong competitor on the ground and in the air. He’ll have the chance to develop his skills playing in multiple positions in 2019.”

Harrison White (Werribee Districts): “Harrison missed out on last year’s U16 Championships through injury. He has immense talent and his aerobic endurance, speed and agility have seen him produce some of the best testing results in club history. He’ll play mainly on the wing where he has the freedom to run and carry, which he does so well.”


Spencer Johnson (18yo in 2019, Altona Juniors) and Lucas Rocci (18yo, Aberfeldie) both really invested themselves in our program last year and really pushed themselves in leadership aspects as bottom-agers. They’re both genuine people that care for not only the people around them but the Western Jets region as a whole. They have high expectations of themselves on the field too.”


Archi Manton (18yo, Williamstown CYMS): Son of former AFL player Glenn Manton – 21 games for Essendon/157 for Carlton.

Josh Kellett (18yo, Williamstown CYMS): Son of former AFL player Nigel Kellett – 101 games for Western Bulldogs.

Other famous sporting relations:

Josh Honey (see above): Son of former pole vaulter Neil Honey – bronze medal at 1986 Commonwealth Games – and nephew of former long jumper Gary Honey – silver medal at 1984 Olympic Games and gold medals at 1982 and 1986 Commonwealth Games.


“The big focus in our pre-season has been on competitiveness and effort around the contest, so I’d look for our boys to set the tone early in the season by creating immense pressure around the ball in order to win the territory battle.

“Hopefully we can also use our speed on the outside to generate scoreboard impact, and we’re hoping the mix of experienced talls and smalls in our forward line – as well as our midfielders’ ability to impact the scoreboard – will see us right in the mix at the business end of the season.”


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NAB League Boys
Standing Vertical Jump:
1 Thomas Cartwright (Calder) 79cm
2 Max Simpson (Calder) 70cm
3 Jonah Potter (Northern) 67cm
4 James Cleaver (GWV) 66cm
5 Archie Manton (Western) 65cm
6 Daniel Mott (Calder) 63cm
6 Jackson Hannah (Sandringham) 63cm
6 Blake Kuipers (Dandenong) 63cm
6 John Roysmith (Dandenong) 63cm
6 James Mittel (Bendigo) 63cm
Running Vertical Jump (Right):
1 Thomas Cartwright (Calder) 84cm
2 Jay Robertson (Oakleigh) 81cm
3 Riley Clarke (Bendigo) 77cm
4 Sam Flanders (Gippsland) 76cm
4 Brady Rowles (Bendigo) 76cm
4 Nick Bryan (Oakleigh) 76cm
4 Nathan Howard (Northern) 76cm
5 Tom Graham (Oakleigh) 74cm
5 Josh Honey (Western) 74cm
Running Vertical Jump (Left):
1 Thomas Cartwright (Calder) 85cm
2 Cooper Vick (Bendigo) 84cm
3 Nash Reynolds (Western) 83cm
4 Sam Flanders (Gippsland) 80cm
4 James Cleaver (GWV) 80cm
6 Oscar Sasalu (Calder) 79cm
6 Giacomo Thomas (Calder) 79cm
6 Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham) 79cm
20m Sprint:
1 Jonah Potter (Northern) 2.84 seconds
2 Archie Perkins (Sandringham) 2.85 seconds
3 Tom Fitzpatrick (Gippsland) 2.86 seconds
4 Kade Brown (Murray) 2.88 seconds
5 Joshua Crawford (Murray) 2.89 seconds
6 Nick Bryan (Oakleigh) 2.91 seconds
6 Regan Uwandu (Northern) 2.91 seconds
6 James Cleaver (GWV) 2.91 seconds
1 Harrison White (Western) 7.69 seconds
2 James Cleaver (GWV) 7.87 seconds
3 Blake Reid (Geelong) 7.88 seconds
4 Mitch Riordan (Dandenong) 7.93 seconds
5 Riley Ironside (Bendigo) 7.96 seconds
6 Jake Bowey (Sandringham) 8.01 seconds
7 Charlie Ham (Geelong) 8.02 seconds
8 Thomson Dow (Bendigo) 8.02 seconds
8 Jack Hickman (Bendigo) 8.02 seconds
10 Lachlan Smith (Geelong) 8.03 seconds
10 Joey Ayton-Delaney (Oakleigh) 8.03 seconds
1 Harry Sharp (GWV) 22.4 level
2 Jack Hickman (Bendigo) 22.1 level
2 Chas Karpala (Geelong) 22.1 level
2 Mitch Mellis (Eastern) 22.1 level
2 Sam Clifford (Western) 22.1 level
2 Jay Rantall (GWV) 22.1 level
7 Nicholas Kitchell (Northern) 21.8 level
8 Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh) 21.7 level
9 Ben Nikolovski (Northern) 21.6 level
9 Cooper Barbera (Northern) 21.6 level
9 Harrison White (Western) 21.6 level


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I find it very confusing already dog-watch so many aligned players in the draft pool. I loved the AFL's Tassie promo with two in the
top ten and then no bid for Bailey Scott until pick 49 which was convenient. Why would Adelaide bid on Tarryn Thomas and then
take Chayce Jones at the next pick, it's almost like they knew North would match.
Adelaide boys using dem phones again...


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Wierd that they mention Ollie Libba on their season preview but I can't find him on the Calder list :think:

Will update the posts above with the lists as soon as possible.

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Western Bulldogs fans will have a keen interest in the results of this year’s Under-18 competition as a host of potential father-son picks strive to impress recruiters from Whitten Oval.
The son of Bulldogs great Tony Liberatore, Oliver, will look to follow the same path his brother Tom did to the AFL with Calder Cannons in Melbourne’s north west.

Liberatore had a taste of Under-18 football last year, featuring once in Round 14.
Only months after their brother Rhylee joined the Western Bulldogs as a father-son pick, Cobi and Cooper West could experience NAB League football for the first time as 16-year-olds.
The Wests also have another younger brother Levi, who plays for Strathmore in Melbourne’s northwest.

The Bulldogs also have a potential father-son pick at Northern Knights, where the younger brother of Gold Coast Suns’ Darcy MacPherson, Ewan, plays.
MacPherson was last year likened to Brownlow medallist Jimmy Bartel by the Knights and was captain of the Vic Metro under-16 team at the national carnival.
“We are hoping he can turn into someone that plays in all three areas of the ground,” Knights talent manager Rhy Gieschen said last year.
“Whether it’s a creative pressure forward, a tough defender or a quality midfielder.”

Josh Kellett, whose dad Nigel featured 101 times for Footscray, and Jose Romero’s son Daniel are others with famous surnames who will feature in Victoria’s under-18 competition this year with Bulldogs links.
Dustin Fletcher’s son Mason will be listed again at Calder Cannons after he was limited to three games last year due to back stress fractures and opted not to nominate for the draft.
Fletcher, a key-position prospect in the mould of his father, has spent time training with the Bombers as he continues his development.

Bombers fans will have to wait a few years for the club to have access to Max Fletcher (17yo) and Joe Misiti’s son Josh, who is 16.
Chayce Black would be the first Fremantle father-son pick since Brett Peake if he joined the Dockers and his club Eastern Ranges believe the Dockers “definitely have their eye on him”.
Tyson Milne and Jackson Voss are on St Kilda’s radar and have already spent time training with the Saints.
Time is a thief. Wasn’t long ago we had a camera slinger at Cheltenham juniors photographing Stephen Milne and his son Tyson. Y’day he made his debut for Sandringham in the TAC Cup. Coach Jeremy Barnard has seen ‘massive improvement’ in him in the past few weeks​
Milne has drawn similarities to his dad as a “hard-running half forward”.
Charlie McKay, the son of former Carlton defender Andrew, will hope to join his sister Abbie McKay in the AFL ranks after she made her debut this AFLW season.
McKay is one of two father-son prospects with links to Carlton, with former Blues defender Glenn Manton’s son Archi Manton out to press his claims in his draft year.

Essendon — Mason and Max Fletcher (Calder Cannons, sons of Dustin), Josh Misiti (Calder Cannons, son of Joe)
Western Bulldogs — Oliver Liberatore (Calder Cannons, son of Tony), Cobi and Cooper West (sons of Scott), Ewan MacPherson (Northern Knights, son of Stephen), Josh Kellett (Western Jets, son of Nigel), Daniel Romero (Oakleigh Chargers, son of Jose)
Richmond — Xavier Naish (Northern Knights, son of Chris)
Fremantle — Chayce Black, pictured below, (Eastern Ranges, son of Heath)
Geelong — Lochlan Hocking (Geelong Falcons, son of Garry), William Kilpatrick (Geelong Falcons, son of Glenn)
Carlton — Archi Manton (Western Jets, son of Glenn), Charlie McKay (Sandringham Dragons, son of Andrew)
St Kilda — Tyson Milne (Sandringham Dragons, son of Stephen), Tom Grant (Sandringham Dragons, son of David), Jackson Voss (Sandringham Dragons, son of Brett)
Hawthorn — Finn Maginness (Sandringham Dragons, son of Scott), Tom Graham (Oakleigh Chargers, son of Mark)
Sydney Swans — Kyle Dunkley (Gippsland Power, son of Andrew)
Adelaide — Zac Hart (Oakleigh Chargers, son of Ben)
Brisbane Lions — Lachlan Johnson (Oakleigh Chargers, son of Chris)


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Ewan mcpherson is not eligible this year is he? Doesn't make reference to him having to waot another year.
yeah he is next season
Joshua Kellett - (2019 Draft)
Oliver Liberatore (2019 Draft)
Tyler Kolyniuk (2019 Draft)
Daniel Romero (2019 Draft)
Ewan MacPherson (2020 Draft)
Sam Darcy - (2021 Draft)
Cooper West - (2021 Draft)
Kobi West - (2021 Draft)


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Draft Age Next Gen + f/s R1

- Cooper Craig-Peters - 1 goal, 1 behind, 32 disposals (20 kicks, 12 handballs), 4 marks, 7 tackles, 4 i50, 3 r50 in a 6 point loss to Dandenong
- Saad El Hawli - 1 goal, 7 disposals (6 kicks, 1 handball), 3 marks, 3 I50 in a 7 point win over the Northern Knights
- Joshua Kellet - 11 disposals (all kicks), 3 marks, 1 tackle, 1 I50, 7 R50
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Draft Age Next Gen + f/s R1

- Cooper Craig-Peters - 1 goal, 1 behind, 32 disposals (20 kicks, 12 handballs), 4 marks, 7 tackles, 4 i50, 3 r50 in a 6 point loss to Dandenong
- Saad El Hawli - 1 goal, 7 disposals (6 kicks, 1 handball), 3 marks, 3 I50 in a 7 point win over the Northern Knights
- Joshua Kellet - 11 disposals (all kicks), 3 marks, 1 tackle, 1 I50, 7 R50
Added the other draft age f/s and academy players who played this week.

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What does everyone think our target will be this year? Given we drafted a KPD/KPF (Naughton), half-back/wing (Richards), inside mid (Porter) and general forward (Gowers) in 2017, then a whole mixed bag in 2018, mainly focusing on speed (inside/outside mid Smith, inside mid West, half back Vandermeer, small forward Cavarra, outside mid/wing Hayes, intercept defender Khamis, half back/interceptor Young and ruck Sweet).

Seem like we've covered most types in the last couple of years, but I guess depending on how some of these guys pan out, I can see us targeting another decent tall (with the delisting of Collins + Campbell, retirement of Redpath, trading of Roughead + Adams). Really hope we don't grab another inside mid as I feel we're way overstocked in this department.

Obviously in the first round, you just grab best available, but will be interesting to see what we go for based on current list demographic
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