Fantasy 2021 BETA Dynasty Discussion

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Statistically Impossible
Mar 9, 2005
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Semi Final 1

Fueys Haze V TCols Stars

ThuSatSun EarlySun LateMonFinal
TCols Stars16.78.0 (24.7)111.8 (136.5)76.0 (212.5)23.8236.3
Fueys Haze15.25.0 (20.2)122.9 (143.1)62.0 (205.1)0.0205.1

Another page in the book of this long-time rivalry, and the Stars pulled one out of the bag here to sting his division rival. It was a win that equalled the all-time league playoff wins, as well as ending fuey 's playoffs hopes for the second year running. The Stars were as good as can be, having 8 players beat their projected score by at least 5pts (Haze had 1), including two defensive players lucky enough to score TDs. Conversely, five Haze players missed their projected by at least 5 pts. Neither team left a ton of points on the bench, thankfully. Overall, Fuey put up a competitive score, but walks away disappointed after a powerful performance by TCol.

Semi Final 2

Beads Army V Galactic Gobsmackers

ThuSatSun EarlySun LateMonFinal
Galactic Gobsmackers20.362.8 (83.1)122.8 (205.9)9.5 (215.4)0.0215.4
Beads Army16.70.0 (16.7)125.9 (142.6)21.5 (164.1)1.2165.3

Second playoff meeting for these two (last time in the 2017 Final, won by Bucking Beads by 7pts), with the tables now turning to a massive win by Galactic. The Gobsmackers were in control from early on thanks to massive games from Nick Chubb and Davante Adams on Xmas Day. Main difference in this game was the highs (scores) for Galactic were much higher than BBs, and BBs lows were much lower Galactics. Once again, the team with more players beating projected got the chocolates, so there's a little luck sprinkled in there, but two consistent teams have made it through to the Final next week.


Statistically Impossible
Mar 9, 2005
AFL Club
2022 Draft Order (Not including trades)

1- Constantgin
2- PistolPete
3- panda2com
4- Chism
5- arakaan
6- A11dAtP0w3R
7- BeinPurplenGreen
8- J Shuttlesworth
9- Bucking Beads
10- fuey
11- Bucking Beads*
12- TCol*

2021 Award Winners
Offensive POY

Justin Herbert (Beads Army)
21- Aaron Rodgers (Pistols Dolphins)
21- Josh Allen (TCols Stars)

Defensive POY
TJ Watt (Arakaans Assassins)
13.5- Darius Leonard (Power House)
13- Eric Kendricks (TCols Stars)
13- Roquan Smith (Power House)

2021 BETA All-Pro Team
QB- Justin Herbert (Beads Army)
RB- Jonathon Taylor (Purple Vandals)
RB- Joe Mixon (ConstantGin)
WR- Cooper Kupp (Chevys Chasers)
WR- Tyreek Hill (Fueys Haze)
TE- Mark Andrews (Purple Vandals)
DL- TJ Watt (Arakaans Assassins)
DL- Aaron Donald (Galactic Gobsmackers)
LB- Darius Leonard (Power House)
LB- Roquan Smith (Power House)
DB- Kenny Moore III (Arakaans Assassins)
DB- Treyvon Diggs (Hedeby Beserkers)
K - Jake Elliott (Bucking Beads)

Offensive ROY- WR J'Marr Chase (TCols Stars)

Defensive ROY- LB MIcah Parsons (COnstantGin)

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Team Captain
Apr 23, 2006
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fu** off you lucky campaigner
Yes very lucky that make it three championships just one short of your playoff Appearances


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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 6, 2007
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I'm sure you're not the fuxked over by sh*t Stefanski this week and undoubtedly many other weeks!
For a short moment I felt what it was like to be a browns fan. F*#@ that. Great effort this year on the weekly reviews mate. See you all at draft day🤘.