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Would you like to see live trading for this draft thread

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Savage Kent

All Australian
Aug 1, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Hi Folks,

Was interested to see if there was interest in a draft game with the saints fans on bigfooty being assigned a team and selecting on their behalf. I organised a draft game a few years back (I believe in 2017). It was good fun but was put off at the time by an annoying poster, who shall remain nameless but think he's been largely moved on thanks to all your good work. This poster would DM me to push posters to hurry up their selections and also be pushy in the thread. Note that if said person messages me after this you will be blocked.

I digress but if you're interested reach out and I will assign you a team. Teams will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any suggestions on how this should be run I'm all ears. I will tag posters to the teams they've been assigned to.

Last time I took the saints and from memory I selected Clark, Bonar and Clavarino. Try not to hold Bonar and Clavarino against me. This time I'll be the recruiter for the tigers based on their draft haul.

Adelaide: sunny3193
Brisbane: L_W_P
Carlton: L_W_P
Collingwood: Savage Kent
Essendon: BrutThough
Fremantle: joydivision22
Geelong: SaintJunior
Gold Coast: Minga
GWS: Gresh_Magic
Hawthorn: BrutThough
Melbourne: Saint_Dos
North Melbourne: goodie23
Port Adelaide: Saint_Dos
Richmond: Savage Kent
St Kilda: Significant
Sydney: Ads734
West Coast: bird_man
Western Bulldogs: Savage Kent

1CollingwoodNick Daicos
2North MelbourneJason Horne-Francis
3Greater Western SydneyFinn Callaghan
4Western BulldogsSam Darcy
5Gold CoastJosh Gibcus
6AdelaideBen Hobbs
7HawthornJosh Ward
8FremantleNeil Erasmus
9RichmondTyler Sonsie
10FremantleMatthew Johnson
11St KildaJosh Sinn
12West CoastJye Amiss
13EssendonJosh Rachele
14Port AdelaideNasiah Wanganeen-Milera
15Greater Western SydneyMac Andrew
16Brisbane LionsSam Butler
17RichmondJosh Goater
18SydneyDarcy Wilmot
19MelbourneCampbell Chesser
20Brisbane LionsMitchito Owens
21FremantleJacob Van Rooyen
22North MelbourneJesse Motlop
23HawthornArlo Draper
24GeelongToby Conway
25HawthornJudson Clarke
26St KildaMarcus Windhager
27CarltonMitchell Knevitt
28RichmondZac Taylor
29RichmondBlake Howes
30Greater Western SydneyJosh Fahey
31RichmondRhett Bazzo
32West CoastMatthew Roberts
33GeelongTom Brown
34SydneyLewis Rayson
35GeelongConnor MacDonald
36AdelaideJack Williams
37GeelongShay Linke
38West CoastCorey Warner
39MelbourneKai Lohmann
40SydneyJordan Lucak
41Brisbane LionsSam Banks
42North MelbourneLeek Alleer
43North MelbourneAlistair Lord
44MelbourneJosh Rentsch
45GeelongAngus Sheldrick
46EssendonBrady Hough
47Western BulldogsCooper Murley
48Western BulldogsCharlie Dean
49EssendonNed Long
50MelbourneTaj Woewodin
51HawthornLachlan Rankin
52Brisbane LionsCasey Voss
53FremantlePaul Curtis
54Port AdelaideKade Dittmar
55CarltonDante Visentini
56HawthornCharlie Molan
57West CoastHugh Jackson
58Gold CoastBohdi Uwland
59FremantleRonald Fejo Jr
60SydneyBlayne O'Loughlin
61Greater Western SydneyBlake Schlensog
62Greater Western SydneyCharlie Constable
63North MelbourneJackson Archer
64Port AdelaideHugh Stagg
65Port AdelaideSaxon Evans
66Port AdelaideJase Burgoyne
68Brisbane LionsTyreece Leiu

The current draft picks for your reference:

Adelaide: 6, 36, 65
Brisbane: 16, 20, 41, 52, 66
Carlton: 26, 55
Collingwood: 1
Essendon: 13, 46, 49
Fremantle: 8, 10, 21, 53, 58
Geelong: 24, 33, 35, 37, 45
Gold Coast: 5
GWS: 3, 15, 30, 60, 61
Hawthorn: 7, 23, 25, 51, 56
Melbourne: 19, 39, 44, 50
North Melbourne: 2, 22, 42, 43, 62
Port Adelaide: 14, 54, 63, 64
Richmond: 9, 17, 28, 29, 31
St Kilda: 11, 26
Sydney: 18, 34, 40, 59
West Coast: 12, 32, 38, 57
Western Bulldogs: 4, 47, 48
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All Australian
Sep 7, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Vancouver Canucks
With pick 20 Brisbane selects...

Mitchito Owens

We thought long and hard about his pick.

While there are options to invest in a long term ruck (Conway) or develop another KPP at either end, the temptation to pick this rapidly rising prospect was just too great.

He will probably start at half back & the push through the midfield as he develops but he could be a massive spark of excitement and is well worth rolling the dice on given our list profile and current premiership push.

Mitchito Owens
Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro

Owens was a late call-up to Vic Metro's under-19 championships clash with Vic Country in July but he made a statement with a 29-disposal and seven-mark game that put him on the map as a possible top-30 pick. The St Kilda Next Generation Academy player is a hard-running option who is relentless with his work ethic from end to end. His last three games for the Dragons saw him average 23 disposals.
Et tu, Brute?


Club Legend
Jan 24, 2013
AFL Club
St Kilda
A guy I really like Sydney select , Lewis Rayson.
great accumulator.Glides across the ground, improved through the year. Reminds me of Kade Simpson. Think he could push up the ground too.
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Premiership Player
Sep 28, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
There’s a sense of emptiness in the Adelaide war room.
Jordan Dawson in trade and Ben Hobbs with our first pick.
Then we sit and watch Matthew Roberts slide down the board.
Incredibly, he is still unselected just four picks before our second round.
Hang on Matthew, slide another four picks and the AFC will have had the perfect draft/trade.
But then the intern delivers our coffees to the war room and remarks how Matthew is still unselected and only four picks away from us.
All our heads dropped as this is the draft equivalent of using the “percentage” word during a game.
Sure enough, next pick and Matthew gets called.
So close yet so far…..
The intern has been banned from the war room forever.

Time to suck it up, and use Plan B.

AFC choose Jack Williams, a 195cm key forward from East Fremantle, to partner Riley Thilthorpe as our KPF’s for the next decade.


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All Australian
Mar 13, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Geelong select Shay Linke from Central Districts.

190cm midfielder , really like this player has that rare trait of time in traffic uses the ball well but will need to add some weight.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 14, 2012
The River Murray
AFL Club
St Kilda
West Coast select Corey Warner

Height 182cm

Weight 74kg

East Fremantle, Western Australia

POSITION: Balanced Midfielder

SNAPSHOT: “Warner is a hard running midfielder who can play both inside and out, breaking forward with purpose and a penetrating left-foot kick.”


Premium Gold
Sep 27, 2012
Behind You
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Phoenix Suns
Melbourne select: Kai Lohmann

A Medium Fwd to develop next to Fritsch and provide depth and replacement for Melksham and Neal-Bullen

Lohmann is a player who can be a marking option or crumbing option inside 50, and he often plays as that high half-forward who can sniff out a goal. He has clean hands and can dish off the quick hands to teammates when in close, or receive on the outside and go for a run. Given time and space, Lohmann has the potential to do a lot of damage, and his aerial and ground work can be equally impactful. If he continues to build on his areas of improvement and can convert his chances in front of goal, he is a player to watch in the future.

Ads734 your next


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 23, 2009
SE Suburbs
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
New Orleans Saints, Boston Celtics
Isn't Jesse Motlop part of Freo's academy?

I noticed he went to North at 22
He is, however there are tiers/levels to the NGA system in WA. Because Motlop is metro based Freo can only match a bid after pick 40.

This stops the WA teams from grabbing every talented indigenous boy and claiming 'NGA' to circumvent the draft.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 23, 2009
SE Suburbs
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
New Orleans Saints, Boston Celtics
With pick 41 the Brisbane Lions select...

Sam Banks



Current Team
Tasmania Devils

April 2, 2003

POSITION: Midfielder/Defender

SNAPSHOT: “A smooth-moving half-back who can roll through the midfield, Banks is a great decision maker with pinpoint kicking.”

Decision making

Inside game
Defensive pressure

With the retirement of Grant Birchall, and Daniel Rich not getting any younger, it's worth looking at what Banks can offer. If he can get up and running quickly he could be playing sooner, rather than later.

With three picks we've collected options to play all three areas of the field and help provide depth to the squad.

goodie23 you are on the clock!
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