2022 Australia Cup Thread

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Sensational!!! How awesome if Oakleigh can join them.

This whole "Austin is the villain" thing I don't buy. The guy seems like a legend and just playing a role for entertainment. Some clown yelling through the channel 10 mic "Austin's a f*ckwit" is embarrassing.
Well, what a backflip in my opnion of SU58. They're a bunch of NAZIS!!! No joke. How the hell has this been allowed to fester? Kick the f*ckers out.

That's an excellent advantage paid by the ref.

Oakleigh started going down playing for time as soon as they scored, doesn't send a good message. Going to take a bit to reverse the momentum again.

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I wanted SU58 to win. But I can't stand seeing a bunch of Nazis succeed, so they can GAGF. How that club has allowed them to continue and not ban them at first sight, sickening. Hopefully we never see them again and it's an awesome day.

Macarthur 3-0
There should be a second tier within two years that has pro/rel with the NPL. But everyone needs to chill on the "connected pyramid" line, the first and second tier probably won't be connected until the end of the decade.

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