Trades 2022 Round 23 Trades

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1 trade left,
Barring an injury at selection

Would you do crisp to dawson

Or you English to Marshall?

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I have one trade left, which I was saving for the GF in case of injury/suspension, but I didn’t make it.

Am sitting at 813, so should maintain top 1000 unless things go to s**t, but won’t get to the top 500 as I was hoping a couple of weeks ago.

So what to do with the final trade? I only have $63.5k left so I can’t really see anything worth doing, but it feels like such a waste to not use my full 35.

Fancy Doc against the Pies but like most i dont have much cash to go with the trade leftover. Would luv to dump Crisp but looks like i;m stuck with him with few decent options.
Zerrett's such a downhill skier and Walsh might be carrying a niggle based on nothing but his form on the weekend. Might bring in Mills for one of those 2 guys.
No obvious almost guaranteed points i can find.
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