Player Watch #39 Mate Colina

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Hall of Famer
May 17, 2004
Punt Rd β€˜17? β€˜19?
AFL Club
Apart from Soccer you should have a look at the other sports Croatians dominate. Some athletic beast. Water Polo and Hand Ball are other sports which Croatians are proud of and do extremely well.
Tennis , Goran Ivanisecic with huge serve was a, great player , quite a character , reg top 5 for years

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Club Legend
Jun 30, 2018
AFL Club
The last sentence speaks for itself.

Balta's influence at Tigerland doesn't end there. Richmond recently signed his cousin, 213cm college basketballer Mate Colina, as a category B rookie. He's excited to be joined at the club by Colina, who will be the tallest player ever on an AFL list.

"He played younger with me but he's stuck with basketball and I've stuck with footy. He's over in Hawaii doing basketball at the moment and he's got an offer here so I'm so stoked that he's coming," he said.

"If he can learn a bit of the body work, he's just so strong and powerful and he's pretty fast for a big man as well. He's going to be hard to stop."



Premiership Player
Jul 31, 2017
AFL Club
If the seppo basketball gets cancelled again

Can we get him next season?
From what I've read he's joining the club in March after fulfilling his contract in Hawaii. If he came over and got a pre-season under his belt maybe. Next year will be a development season and maybe the year after, by the sound of things though he's going to be a weapon


Club Legend
Feb 12, 2012
AFL Club
I rarely have mail, but when it comes to the Croatians, I can assist

Admittedly, it looks like he's joining sooner than I was told.
Thought I'd share an update.

He's no guarantee to play AFL despite signing with us.

NBA is obviously an extreme longshot but he will also explore Euro League basketball before committing to AFL, it's by no means a done deal.

Basketball is still priority #1 for him, so we shouldn't be offloading players like CCJ just in case this falls through.

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