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  • Hey Dazza. U wanna come have Chinese after the game Saturday in little bourke st? Going there with 3 or 4 blokes after the game for my 40th lol. Have a few Chinese lagers to celebrate the win
    Hi Smasha, not sure if you're interested, but 'Models' are playing this Friday night at a venue called 'Caravan', located at Oakleigh RSL in Drummond St. Billy Miller, Andrew Duffield, Sean Kelly et al all appearing. Music starts @ 8 .40 pm. Google 'Caravan' website for links to tics.

    Cheers, Bernie
    Hey smasha, I might be keen on those tickets to the Bris game if they're still available?
    tb has made a 'days since' thread like this before which I closed.

    If I catch the 'days since' threads early and they have no discernible value (which most of them don't) I will close them.
    smasha do you know the words to the Jack Riewoldt song in the Rich GS? I was sitting near there the other day and didn't quite hear it all.
    How is your Essendon complex going? Have you seen anyone about it yet?

    You never know, one day you might just be as successful as us, although i doubt you will around to enjoy it but you need have something to look forward to.
    Hi Smasha...I thought I would reply to your meassage I just read. This is te first time I have ever blogged as I am not a fan of the blogging world however I had to say thanks for your kind words about me. Its not often I someone says something nice ...I usallu get a bgging of some sort from some cheers mate. I am living in Addelaide writing music and playing the drums in a 3 piece rock band and kicking the footy around for fun now. Cheers to all the guys on this site who didnt bag me. Now I have asked for it!! Regards Paul Bulluss
    loved this quote, man. love that arrogance


    You're the big 4.

    We are the big one.
    What are you doing in the metal thread?Now i must cleanse it with meditation........and ajax ;)
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