Player Watch # 4: Kyle Langford

Kyle is a...

  • pure mid

  • pure forward

  • mid/forward

  • forward/mid

  • AFL footballer! (and I don't care where he plays)

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Premiership Player
May 24, 2013
East of Eden
AFL Club
Other Teams
Jeremy Cameron
Bio: Tall defender/forward who excelled at both ends of the ground this year. Reads the play exceptionally well in the air, has clean hands and provides run from defence. Finished equal-second in the kicking test at the NAB AFL Draft Combine (scoring 28/30) and recorded 8.36 sec in the agility run. Excelled late in the season as a prolific ball-winning midfielder for the Northern Knights in the TAC Cup, averaging eight marks and demonstrating his aerial skills. Averaged 14 possessions in his five appearances in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

WTF? Not a panic merchant... so disappointed :p

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 6, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Australian cricket team
So we have a potential 195cm mid on our hands and our other pick up is 189cm mid.

Our spine of Hurley, Hooker, Daniher and Carlise is one of the best young spines going around. Yet if these two can get regular midfield games alongside Heppell, Goddard, Myers and Watson our midfield will be nearly as big!!!

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