Opinion Away game viewing

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Heart Of Purple

Team Captain
Mar 26, 2018
AFL Club
Sorry lads, bit of an unusual thread and I’m sure it’s up somewhere but I can’t find it.
Where are some of the better places to watch the away games? I’ve always been one to watch them at home with a bit of peace and realised, as such, I have no idea where to go if the plan involves a bit more atmosphere.
Would be keen on hearing some thoughts on places both north and south of the river? Particularly interested if any of the joints in Subi do it well since the stadium moved and also what the Camfields like? Cheers legends, have at it.


Premiership Player
Sep 11, 2016
AFL Club
Newport in Freo is doing a live pod from the Purple Reign guys tomorrow night , I went along to one last year and it was pretty good with lots of banter and some cheap beers

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