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This update introduces some new rules and the refinement of some old ones. So please take the time to read it from header to footer as the Bay 13 mods will not accept the excuse of "I didn't know".

Also there has been an increase in non footy related threads, abuse and the use of inappropriate picture/videos so the mods will be monitoring these in particular more stringently from here on in.


Bay 13, has been specifically set up as the only board that allows for trolling of teams and more vigorous debate/banter between posters. For that reason the Forum Rules are applied less stringently here than they are elsewhere on BigFooty, however there are specific rules on the Bay that you do need to abide to, along with certain standards of posting..

So, in no particular order, the Bay 13 Rules are:


We encourage rigorous debate as long as it stays on topic and subject. If you attack the man then you risk infraction; when responding, attack the argument not the poster.

Avoiding The Swear Filter

Avoiding the swear filter by altering a letter or two even though the word is still obvious will be deemed deliberate and will incur an infraction. If you feel the need to swear in a particular post then just type the actual swear words and let the swear filter do its thing.

Banned Words

Words such as ******, ****, ******* and other similar terms will not be tolerated when used in a derogatory fashion. If you are unsure what is acceptable we have a preferred Bay13 term of endearment ("FLOG") that can be used without penalty.

Banned Term

Using the term "rape" to describe a heavy defeat or any other derogatory manner is banned. There will be low tolerance on this.

Personal Details

Posting any information on or ridiculing the personal details (real name, photos, job, place of residence, marital status or family members etc) of another poster will also earn you a nice holiday from BigFooty.

Starting Threads/Posting

Rule 1
Remember that this is a FOOTY forum, so keep your threads (and posts) football related. Any social style threads will be deleted, remember this is not Facebook

Rule 2
When starting a thread be sure that your opening post contains some form of discussion to start your argument off. Simply posting nothing more than "Discuss", "Thoughts" or similar as your opening post will land you a nice yellow or red card. Use the search function too - multiple threads on the same topic clog up the board and push other threads off the front page, so have a look before hitting "Submit Thread" that someone hasn't already thought of your bright idea before you. The search forum tool is at the top right hand of the forum.

Rule 3
Do not start threads about other posters as these invariably end up turning ugly and create more work for us. Only threads sanctioned by the Mods like The Hall of Fame or MVP type threads are the exception where debate about each other are tolerated..

Rule 4a
Threads that appear to be in anyway gloating, celebrating or deriving some form of satisfaction from an injury to a player will be deleted as soon as we see them and infractions given.

Rule 4b
Threads/posts that appear to be in anyway gloating, celebrating or deriving some form of satisfaction in the death of an individual are unacceptable and will deleted as soon as we see them and infractions given.

Rule 5

We encourage the bumping of old threads so long as the bump is relevant or may be of interest to readers. Posters should not bump multiple old threads in a short space of time.

Rule 6

Be mindful of what you are posting, Mods may un-delete posts if it is deemed relevant to do so.


Rule 1
Linking to team boards on Big Footy is off limits, as is the posting of quotes from team boards. When you enter Bay 13 you do so with the knowledge your opinions will be questioned/attacked. Team boards are not the same environment and it has been ordained that users should be safe to voice their opinion without ridicule elsewhere.

Rule 2
You are allowed to include a news article in your thread or post, please include a link to the website it came from, and only use one or two paragraphs from the article.


Bay 13 will allow you to go off topic for a counter argument, however constant spamming of threads or absolute crap posted in attempt to bring down a thread will get you infracted.

If you start a thread in error you can ask us to delete it if there aren't too many posts added or close it if there have already been quite a few responses.

Moderators / Infractions

The moderators of this forum are always right and there will be zero tolerance of criticism levelled at moderators.

Bay 13 is not here to provide a forum for anyone to air their grievances about Moderators or infractions they have received (on this board or any other). If you feel you have been hard done by the correct procedure is to take up your case with admin via the contact page:

Moderators may post in Bay 13 from time to time, they may even troll, and you can take them to task about their post provided you do not denigrate their modship or bitch about past infractions as part of your argument, unless of course you wish to receive another infraction.

Listed Team

There is no rule on BigFooty to say that posters have to reveal the team they support. However, because trolling is allowed in Bay 13 we encourage posters to proudly display the team they support.

Whilst we can't infract posters who don't show their team correctly we will delete troll type posts of users who hide behind the veil of supporting another team. Supporters of the mighty "Unlisted" can have legitimate reasons for doing so and will not have troll type posts deleted, but will be given less leeway when trolling when it comes to determining infractions.

If you suspect a poster is just an annoying alias or sock puppet account, report the user and we will investigate your claim.

Posting Images

Posting images is a big part of Bay 13 and when used to make a point or simply to generate a laugh they can be devastatingly effective.

However, there are limits to everything. As you can imagine, the moderators will automatically apply appropriate infractions against posters who display pornographic, obscene, or offensive images.

Examples of automatic infractions are: images of Downs syndrome or other obviously intellectually handicapped persons (usually as a form of insult to a fellow poster); pictures of other big footy users; pictures of drug use or associated implements; pictures of poo (faeces, **** - whatever you want to call it) - we dont want to see it - you don't want us to see it either; animals fornicationg, defaecating, urinating etc.; images of personal vibrators, dildos, sex dolls etc....

We can't list all of the things that are inappropriate, so we say be tasteful. If it's something you would be comfortable showing your grandmother - then it's probably OK.

Leeching - posting images hosted on other sites without their permission - is verboten. Use or or any other free image hosting service. BigFooty is a busy site and you can easily cost people big money by pushing them over their server data allowance.

Race / Sexual Preference

Racist remarks are offensive and will not be tolerated in any way. Remember that some slang terms that were once commonplace are no longer acceptable in our more enlightened society, so choose your words carefully. Words such as "wog" or other such words amount to racial villification and will not be tolerated.

Questioning someone's sexual preferences or suggesting they perform sexual acts with or without someone else will run the gauntlet of good taste. So again choose your comments wisely as what may not be offensive to you may be for someone else. A person's Gender Identity is also not to be attacked or questioned on this board. Please respect every person as an individual poster.

This section is highlighted because we have some unenlightened posters who think that their expression of racism is acceptable. It is not.

We don't want posters to refer to footballers as aboriginal footballers unless they are willing to do a study of all aboriginal footballers versus non-aboriginal footballers. Similarly all racial, religious or sexual preference statements are similarly not allowed without first performing a study of entire populations. Making sweeping generalisations based on the above groups from a small sample is not scientific. It is not acceptable and socially irresponsible.

We understand that many aboriginal footballers are proud to be recoginised as being both aboriginal and a footballer, but in the context of these forums there is no need to identify race. A footballer is simply a footballer.

When a footballer uses his identity as a footballer to further an interest of his - say for indiginous kids - then it is acceptable to talk about his racial background because that may be pertinent. It is not appropriate for the thread to be discussed on the footy boards though - this discussion should go to society politics religion board. Being a footballer, it is acceptable that a link from the footy boards be provided.


Yes we all may know the who, what and where however this injunction still holds. We're getting tired of cleaning this up and will be coming down harsher on people who decide to break this rule.

Application of Rules

Applying these rules is an inexact science and we as moderators will consider context, the history of a poster and the nature of the thread among other things when determining whether the undefinable line has been crossed. We may also just be in a bad mood.

Long sequences of off topic bickering between posters can be boring for others to read and will be likely deleted with an infraction attached.

It is impossible for us to read every post in every thread so some posts may slip through unnoticed. If you are offended by a post and believe action should be taken, report the post as this will ensure it is brought to our attention and we can act on it as necessary. If you do report a post don't then respond to it as well as it creates even more work for us and will darken our mood.

If you are unclear on a rule or it's application we will provide a thread for you to raise your concerns where we will endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible.

Above all else we are all here to have fun and enjoy some good natured banter with other footy lovers.

From your friendly Bay 13 Mods.
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Not a rule, but something useful for anyone new to Bay 13. If you click the "Vintage Bay" prefix on the current stickied TOTY, you will come across a bunch of the Bay's best threads that will be a useful guide as to what the Bay is all about.

List of current "Vintage" threads:

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Mar 30, 2011
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Rules Update:

Misuse of the report button
Most flogs are generally quite good with this, so it's only a reminder to keep the report button to genuine rule infractions (we do have a sense of humour though, so an ironic report in a button mashers thread will likely be left alone).

Do not use the report button to alert mods to threads you want put in the Divvy Van.

Misuse of Tags

A trend has developed over time where posters will try trolling other posters by tagging mods rather than reporting posts, this never ends well. If you see an offensive post, use the report button, it is anonymous (we only out those who grossly misuse it), and doesn't cause ****fights. Using tags to waste moderators' time will also be frowned upon.

Depending on the situation, tags such as these may be viewed worthy of an infraction (this same rule applies to inviting a mod to a PM where a rule has been broken).

Do not use tags to waste the time of mods and admins who don't post on the Bay.

Bets and the "welcher" badge

Now on bay 13 we have the welcher badge for those who don't honour their bets. This badge will only apply to bets made since the introduction of the badge, and may be removed with the eventual payment of said bet. Application and removal of the badge will be left to the discretion of the mods (the badge will also transfer to Eliases if the bet remains welched on).

Betting accounts or a poster's "bay 13 life" has also become increasingly common of late. To clear things up, a poster who must cancel their account needs to request a cancellation in the appropriate thread, mods will not be taking care of this. Bay 13 life also refers to a presence here on a single account, whether by posting, liking, voting in polls, etc. Any poster who loses an account bet may return on an Elias without the badge.


Due to a general increase in homophobia on the Bay over time, use of certain homophobic words in a derogatory manner, and/or statements designed to denigrate on the basis of sexual preference will be viewed more harshly, posts will be removed and infractions may follow.

In isolation, the Purple Poofs meme will be allowed to continue in much the same way as before.


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Off-topic posting and the off-season

So it was suggested during the feedback that we could have more non-football content on Bay 13. Due to the success of the cricket thread and Teach's top 5 of everything (plus threadbans), this can now be done.

The idea with these threads is that they will be more active in the off-season, and discussion will centralised into large, broader subject threads. Such as just one cricket thread, one soccer thread, one music thread, and one travel thread.

Just because these are off-topic threads, doesn't mean it's a free pass to derail them or have the kind of back and forth floggery that often makes the off-season so tedious.

Prefix directory

Searching prefixes to find specific threads can be kind of a pain, so to make it easier, this post will provide links.

Mod Notice- contains annnouncements, the suggestion box, and all the award season threads.

Vintage Bay- the very best threads of Bay 13. A must read for new flogs.

Backfire- when you make a bold prediction that goes horribly wrong, you get this lovely purple prefix (colour in honour of the infamous purple poofs thread).

Flogstradamus- the reverse of the backfire, for when you absolutely nail that bold prediction and bump the thread to show off.

Goo- for circle jerks.

Meltdown- this prefix lets everyone on the Bay know when someone is losing their ****.

Off-topic- for threads that aren't directly related to football.

Think Tank- got a question or a hypothetical that you'd like to share with the bay? Consult the think tank for an answer.

Podcast- for all Flogcast threads, and the Bay 13 Hall of Fame.

Live Chat- after feedback we've started doing live match day threads, find them here.

Win Prizes- sometimes this means you might win a prize, other times it means someone is threatening legal action against the bay.

Mega Thread- for the behemoth threads of the Bay such as the Divvy Van and that Hawks/Cats one.

Official Club Stuff- you can find 'darndest things' threads and the Leon Davis Medal threads under this prefix, amongst other things.

Photoshop- this is pretty self-explanatory. All FB meme/shoop competition threads can be found under this prefix.

Welcome to East Germany


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So it seems in the last couple of weeks the picture spamming plague has returned to the Bay, though now instead of the Queen we have Brett Lee. :rolleyes::thumbsdown:

Fun's over now flogs. From now on posting images of Brett Lee, Queen Elizabeth, Jon Patton, Merv Hughes, or any other out of context substitute you flogs feel like using, will now be met with automatic thread bans or days off, with repeat offenders earning real infractions.

Find a different way to amuse yourselves this off-season.

Thread will remain open for anyone seeking clarification on this ruling, those seeking to complain can tell someone who cares. :thumbsu:

EDIT: Just to be clear, the 'out of context' criteria does not apply to Lee or the Queen, those images are banned regardless of context.


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Just a reminder too please floggos - posting images of drug use or drug paraphernalia is not on. I’ve deleted several posts of this nature over the past few days.

I’m not talking about Scarface memes and the like, I’m referring to ice pipes, bongs etc. It’s no good.

Whilst I appreciate the somewhat hypocritical nature of a Dons flog taking a stand against drug use, I would ask that you all see fit to heed this advice regardless.

Cheers :thumbsu:


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I’d like to remind Bay 13 users of these 2 Bigfooty rules, there’s way too much of this kind of posting going on and infractions are going to be handed out to repeat offenders. Find other ways to troll eachother and your footy clubs.

Banned Term

Using the term "rape" to describe a heavy defeat or any other derogatory manner is banned. There will be low tolerance on this.


Due to a general increase in homophobia on the Bay over time, use of certain homophobic words in a derogatory manner, and/or statements designed to denigrate on the basis of sexual preference will be viewed more harshly, posts will be removed and infractions may follow.
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