Universal Love Best Individual performance from a Carlton player

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Nov 20, 2018
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This. WC were almost unbeatable at the time and fielded a team that was stacked from front to back with some of the best players of that decade.
He was a colossus that day!

A few personal faves - Rhino and DeIulio 1992?? comeback against the Saints at PP both kicking 3 - 4 goals and electrifying the crowd.
Laurence Angwin 2003 pre-season game v Geelong at PP. He did it all that day. Up there with Kouta v WC
Mil Hanna destroying Gary Ablett playing full back when GA was at his absolute prime (mid 90's).
1999 PF Kouta
Judd v Swans.
SOS going forward kicking about 10 vs Fitzroy early 90s when we turned a half time deficit into a 100 point win.

Before my time - but I believe Jezza had a 6 goal, 10 minute rampage playing centre against the Dons at PP one day a long time ago.

I've watched plenty of footy and Cripps v Brisbane would be Top 10
SOS kicking 10 in 93, one of the best memories at the football. Pity the game was not televised.

Soapy V

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Sep 17, 2015
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Can’t split Kouta’s games against WCE, North & 99 Prelim plus Cripps. Amazing performances. I saw Jezza it play some unbelievable games and Johnno Rd One v Collingwood 1980 was outstanding. The Buzz & Sticks had a couple as well.

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