Games & Recreation BigFooty Death List Game 2024 - May Deaths Be Forever In Your Favour (Host @ClarkeM)

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John Blackman

Hey Hey It’s Saturday fame

Vale Dickie Nee, this bloke was soo funny. Hey Hey it’s Saturday was a family event in our house, absolutely loved the shit this bloke gave to people.

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John Blackman, 76

24 points to @Elvis
Home Alone Yes GIF by Sky
Victorian football great Phil Cleary has paid tribute to his former ABC commentary colleague Ross Booth, who has died at age 72.
Cleary said today that Booth’s sister had told him he was found dead in his Toorak flat.

Cleary and Booth were long-time callers of the VFA and then VFL, and their banter brought them a large and devoted following.

“I’ve said many times that Peter Gee and Ross Booth’s calls of VFA grand finals on ABC TV were as good as any AFL grand final calls the commercial stations have produced,’’ Cleary said.
William Russell 99 English actor

1st companion of William Hartnell Doctor Who

Not Ian Chesterton.... :(

One of the originals and still one of the all time great Doctor Who companions.

He and Babs (Barbara) were a rarity in my years of Doctor Who fandom

Don't recall any fan ever saying a bad word about them both.

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