Current Bushfires crime


Dec 27, 2016
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It might be too early to see insurance fraud yet but after big fires there's history of some who get caught making false claims.

These looters have been refused bail.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has received 86 reports of bushfire-related scams since September of 2019, including 20 calls to the scams hotline on Tuesday.

The scams reported include:

  • People impersonating relatives of victims and requesting money via text messages or phone calls
  • Calls or websites impersonating charities and crowdfunding pages impersonating charities
  • People doorknocking, saying they or loved ones have been impacted by the bushfires

This lady had to ride her horse out to a safe area and when she got home, her shed had been robbed of all equipment. When she left to come back with the police, thieves had been in again and looted the house.


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