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May 2, 2014
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Another reason this is so good is obvs cause * got booted out and we got in due to that but the comeback and clinical footy at stages in that 4th.. amazzzzzin.

2015 was a shit year but this was a pretty good game to be at, Crippa's no look handball to Bell is superb, Docherty's mark at the end.

Geelong has been one of those teams growing up that I have rarely seen us beat and between Gibbs literally giving it his all and the captain out of the game early on, this was so sweet!

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Sep 26, 2004
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Awesome win that one - from memory all our leaders stood up that day. And I reckon we might've been a man down early on, too.

Will never forget the lack of sportsmanship shown by Stevie J and Toby Greene. End of the game, no handshakes, and they've effectively run to the top of the players race, at the other end of the ground. Waited about 5 minutes for their team mates who were happy enough to mingle with Carlton players. Dickheads.

Was a great 5 minutes though - reckon they heard me giving it to them from the other side of the ground.

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