Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

Has the coronavirus outbreak made you reconsider attending the footy

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    Votes: 285 44.9%
  • No

    Votes: 350 55.1%

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Correct. Something the AFL doesn’t have to do right this second because there are no games scheduled for today to postpone. The NBA had games continuing with crowds AFTER they postponed the season btw.

No they didn't.
While the NBA has a plan to extend the season when they know for sure at what point they can resume, they postponed the season as soon as it became known Rudy Gobert had tested positive. The Utah-OKC game on March 12th where he discovered he were positive was called off about 30 minutes before tipoff. Planned games with no crowds were scheduled by Golden State but they never occurred.

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But the inconsistency in testing is monumentally a cluster fu**. We had a chap here yesterday who has just returned from Spain/Italy and Portugal. Wakes up with symptoms, contacts doc who says go to clinic. Goes to clinic who TURN HIM AWAY because he didn't travel to hotspot countries. :oops: On the contrary, my son had a mate who was in a nightclub last week where the bartender has tested positive. His mate gets tested no worries and has to go into self isolation until results are known. Found out three days later it was negative. Of the two people, which is the likeliest to have COVID19?

agreed! It’s been a big mess up, and variability across states hasn’t helped.
They are already restricting testing genius. The fact you can spread the disease without symptoms means you cannot cut testing wholesale without then missing people who are positive, and who then go on to spread disease.

If you ramp up prices, you miss people who cannot afford the test, not people that don't require testing.

On moto g(6) plus using mobile app

Got that part correct anyway 🤣
Depending on how Australian's handle this we may see the peak around May/June and potential to re-commence after that time if the vast majority have been exposed however each capital city will have different timings. By that time, each team will have/had significant number of players affected so the requirements might be relaxed to allow teams to travel/play. A 17 game season is aspirational even if you make it a top 4, extend the season and add a few mid week games.

Some games may be able to be played e.g. Sydney teams may find they can operate sooner than others due to being ahead of the curve so I don't see an equal recommencement until 2021

Perhaps an FA cup might be the only way to get a winner this year
Tennis, cricket and golf are large international sports that also have lower overheads than the AFL. Tennis and golf especially only pay their players when they win or do well in tournaments. No tournaments means they are not forced to pay their players a salary.

Heres a tip. most stadium staff is casual too. anyway I'm saying play later in the year. No loss of revenue - whats so hard? agreement with cricket? squish it.
Close the borders and shut down the schools now. The government is getting its advice based on current official infection numbers yet there is believed to be a 5-7 day lag time in test results. In a week the statistics for Australia are going to be significantly higher and the scary thing is that these numbers will be more of a reflection of today’s true numbers.
Over 500 people died in Italy this weekend. Their health system is completely stretched and I’m afraid to say it but their death toll will be in the thousands by week’s end as nobody presenting from now on will be able to be attended to.
We have a similar age demographic to Italy and only 2000 ICU beds in the country. Our government needs to act now but unfortunately it won’t happen. fu** the footy, in the grand scheme of things it is a minor inconvenience.

There's debate on whether closing schools will help or hinder the spread plus X amount of parents will be taken out of essential roles in health etc having to stop work to care for their young children.

According to modelling from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there's no evidence that Hong Kong — which closed schools — was more successful in containing the virus than Singapore, which didn't.
I think the issue is... many people in positions of power, are only worried about the bottom line. Whereas, most of US, are more interested in the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Is it better to take a BIG HIT now and save lives (in terms of complete shutdown now) or stagger the effect over the month but perhaps increase the collateral damage (in terms of deaths)? These are really tough questions and completely shitty to have to contemplate.

They are best to have a complete shutdown at a time when it would have the maximum effect of slowing the spread.
If you shut down for a few weeks now, you'd be keeping a heap of people who don't have the virus away from a heap of others who don't have the virus.
Then when you came out of lockdown, it would take off .

None of the experts think it can be stopped. Its all about slowing it down so the hospitals can cope.
Right now the hospitals are OK, they are even bringing forward elective surgery to allow for the near future.

Why universities are open is beyond me! Do the classes online jeez

I wish i lived in simple land.
Mind you i did an MBA without any face to face contact at all, but I understand Nursing Degree's are a bit more hands on.

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Closing schools is a must. Even if doctors and nurses are forced to look after their kids, the virus will be minimised before it begins to spread, so all staff on aboard aren't required. We must act!
There's debate on whether closing schools will help or hinder the spread plus X amount of parents will be taken out of essential roles in health etc having to stop work to care for their young children.

countries like germany are keeping limited in-school care open for families of essential workers, but closing the general school
I'm thinking this needs to happen.

Even if banks suspend principle repayments and allow the interest to be capitalised so basically suspending loan repayments for several months.

The RBA cut rates again and the banks don't pass it on and bank the margins.

Everyone shares the pain.
But if you stop (or reduce) banks receiving repayments then that affects their ability to lend, not just to businesses but to each other. That could do more harm than good as I suspect many businesses will require loan facilities to weather the storm.

The only way this really works is for the government to subsidize the lost revenue of businesses affected by containment so that they can pay workers as if they're still working so it's business as usual on the books. But if we're talking everything except food and pharmacy then that cost will be astronomical.
To me it sticks out like dog's balls....Gil is waiting and hoping until someone else makes the decision to abort the season. Then it won't be his fault.
Yup it’s all about the financial accountability to the sponsors

Yup it’s all about the financial accountability to the sponsors


But the same event also triggers force majeure on their TV rights deals by broadcasters....
Britain is talking about quarantining the over 70s (I have two relatives in that sector) given some hare brained schemes britain has come up with in the past you have to worry what they will come up in.

Hopefully its the usual Boris BS
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