Rumour Dockers requests not to have a certain Umpire

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Jun 27, 2020
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Not really because this thread is just funny. You guys have a thread dedicated to blaming him ffs.

Honestly, can you think of one other supporter base who knows every officiating umpire for every game by name and rattles off specific incidents where they've 'robbed' your team when a line-ball decision is made?

I can't.
Where your post fails, is that I never played a hand in creating such a thread, and perhaps you'd do well to not attempt to tarnish an entire supporter base with the one brush. I posted within the thread, but I now realise that there is no such bias being directed towards Fremantle as a football club, and that sadly, many of the umpires are just not professional within their vocations, regardless of which match they are adjudicating. There have been obscene levels of ineptitude displayed in games across the scope of the competition. In addition, If you're at all truthful with yourself, you'd realise that many of the teams within the system have fans of whom harbor illogical levels of contempt towards select umpires. Even Eagles supporters direct sustained vitriol towards a one Dean Margetts.

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