Rumour Dockers requests not to have a certain Umpire

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Apr 23, 2005
Your minds eye.
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Former Saint Leigh Fisher umpired a Blues v Saints game midway through last year and I reckon paid 75% of the Saints free kicks and didn't blow the whistle for a single free kick to Carlton.

Not sure he has umpired a Saints game since, prob wrong though.

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Jun 29, 2014
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West Coast
Yes he is , been married for about 13 years and has two children.
Perhaps you need to listen to his interview on 91,3fm last week to get the facts straight..
His first wife hated football and was one of the reasons they broke up. His new partner has the surname of Fyfe so if he was so biased it should be towards freo. I mean he also stayed in the hub with them and caught their bus to and from games..... ooooohhhh conspiracy theory.

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