Rules Drafts, Trading & Free Agency Board Rules [UPDATED PLEASE READ]

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Dec 14, 2015
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Welcome to the Drafts, Trading and Free Agency board.

Please ensure you adhere to the following guidelines as well as the Big Footy rules.

- Don't insult posters, don't insult teams

Trolling teams based on prior trades, drafting or list management will not be tolerated. Remember that you are not on Bay 13 or your team's own board. By all means defend your team, but don’t attack the poster, their club or representatives of the club. Not everyone is a draft and trading expert, so show some patience and respect. Try helping them rather than abusing them.

This includes the use of Bay 13 nicknames like Norf, Carltank, Bears, Essendrugs, plastics, Tuggers, etc, or posts that boil down to "haha your team's crap".

- Dragging posts and discussions from team boards

If you want to reply or criticise something on a team's board post there, not on here. They are separate boards.

- House-keeping

Please search first before creating new threads, just because it's not on the first page doesn't mean it's not there. Draft-related discussions are now housed on the Draft Hub sub-board, and all draft and trading games are to be conducted on the Trade and Draft Games sub-board.

- Confirmed trades

Don’t post anything as being a confirmed trade, unless it has been officially announced. Rumours posted as fact will result in red cards being handed out.

- Reproduction of articles

Nobody is permitted to post entire articles, regardless of where they have come from. Pick out the important part, up to a paragraph in length, and post that along with links to the original article.
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