Premier Lg EPL Matchday 33 - On Optus Sport

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Postponed fixtures:
Matchday 25: Newcastle vs Brighton
Matchday 28: Liverpool vs Fulham, Man City vs West Ham, Brighton vs Man United
Matchday 32: Man United vs Chelsea, Brighton vs Man City

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Wouldn't be surprised if we lose this one.

We've looked cooked late in games lately.

5 games in 15 days could see us drop right off the pace.
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This match is gonna finish me. Nervous AF already and that’s the cascade effect of being chased by the ******* ruthless T-1000 like we have these last few weeks.

I wonder what Arteta's plan is for Holding up against Haaland.

After the Southampton result a change in shape and/or personnel is required here. It wasn’t Holding at fault necessarily, it’s more so the cumulative impact of how the team had to adjust in Saliba’s absence.

Saliba supposedly is training however would be a huge call to roll the dice on him here. I think Arteta has to consider all options, White to CB and one of Tierney/Kiwior as a fullback, double pivot perhaps with Jorginho in, everything has to be on the table here.
Arsenal are either getting battered 4-0 or winning 1-0. This feels like one of those games where we either drop the bundle and the title is completely gone, or we pinch a hilariously unlikely win before losing to a poor Chelsea team.

Honestly I think we are getting beaten 3-0. Lack of depth is an absolute killer. When your CB depth is Holding, you aren't winning a ******* thing.

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